The Importance for Babies to Read Infant Books

Reading to very young babies don’t always come naturally for each parent, most especially if the baby is just too young to really interact during the activity. Modern mothers lifestyle always reminds moms they need to stimulating the cognitive development of the toddler and to instilling to them the love of reading with every page of the baby books turned.

Why Babies Need Books?

Reading to a baby gives them the chance to listen to their favorite sound, which is a parents voice. What more, if a parent do this activity while holding his baby warmly, he or she may associate reading to a happy feeling for the rest of his or her life. Aside from being held to, babies also love to be spoken to. This is why by simply reading to a baby, parentsare also teaching them how they can make sounds and about simple speech patterns that can they can improve later on.

How to Introduce Basic Reading Concepts to a Baby?

According to children’s books and literacy resources Scholastic, babies like to observe. So, each time parents are reading to their infants, they are reinforcing to them the basic concept of reading, like following the printed text from left to right or turning the pages as they read. As they moreover point to the illustrations and pictures while reading together, it is best to talk about these pictures and name them. The reason is that as a baby grows each day, he or she will also follow parents' actions, such as pointing to the drawings and turning the book pages.

Best Books for Infants

In writing the list of the best books for infants, I used recommendations from other parents and a list of modern criteria for creating such books. So the best books for infants age for 0 to 6 months includes the one written by Kay Chorao. It’s called The Baby's Lap Book. The baby book is filled with nursery rhymes, like Jack and Jill. It also features pastel drawings for your baby to enjoy. The rhyme will help calm your baby and will also inspire him or her to laugh as you make a game out of the lines. The Sleep Book book written by Dr. Seuss is another interesting pick. The plot begins with the yawning of a small bug named Van Vleck. His yawn then becomes contagious and it spreads with other creatures in the book, such as The Offt and the Collapsible Frink. The final line of the book says “Good night.” Tana Hoban’s Black on White is another good pick. It features black and white illustrations that will be a good match for your baby’s developing eyes. The book will teach your baby to identify images. Next book is titled Twinkle, Twinkle: An Animal Lover's Mother Goose. Author Bobbi Fabian showcases in this book the basic tada tada rhythm that mimics the heartbeat of a mother. There are also photo collages of different animals, like a kangaroo.  Goodnight Moon is a classic bedtime story that has been loved by generations of listeners and readers. “Goodnight room, goodnight moon and to all the familiar things in the softly lit room,” wrote author Margaret Wise Brown.  One of the most popular baby books is On the Night You Were Born written by Nancy Tillman. The words are well-chosen and very simple, featuring celestial brass instruments and dancing bears. This book also sends a lesson about self-esteem since not to often kids are told how wanted and special they are in the eyes of their parents and other people.

Importance of Following Baby’s Lead and Re-reading the Book

In a separate post published by Parents magazine, it highlights the importance of following the baby’s lead when it comes to reading. This means that as parents, they should let their babies play, touch, and hold the book. It may take a while but the baby will eventually turn the pages himself and even if he or she only manage to read a few words at every sitting, a baby already benefits from the activity. Florida-based clinical psychologist Ruth Peters, Ph.D. also encouraged parents to reread the baby book because repetition reinforces the phonetic sounds on the baby's brain.

Overall, each parent is helping his or hers baby learn the language that is used in the book too, like English. Reading a familiar baby book will then make an infant comfortable, confident, and secure because he or she will already know what to expect in the following pages. Reading book for infants with a baby is the best what a parents can do as the first steps for developing his or hers baby. 

07 July 2022
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