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The Importance Of Critical Thinking Skills For My Education

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I will be more independent and self-directed learner. This is because as a student it allows me to figure out my learning style, strengths and weakness in my life. This would help me to improve my performance or effort in achieving my goals. For an example, as a medical student my ambition is wants to become a cardiologist. In order to achieve my ambition, I must be far away from my parents, sacrifice my teenage time, family events and many more. This situation teach me to be more self sufficient, brave and work hard in order to achieve my dream which is becoming a cardiologist.

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Besides, I am able to enhance my academic performance by learning critical thinking in my daily life. As an undergraduate I will know how to analyse a situation and react to it which also indirectly connected to my disciplines. For an example, if I received a call from my friends to go for a movie while I am studying. As a critical thinker, I would choose to continue studying because it is more important to my life and this decision will help me to be more discipline for upcoming days.

Moreover, critical thinking skills help me to understand the experiences and viewpoint of others which enhance my ability to work with various people. For an example, during group discussion I can learn to pay attention on everyone’s idea or view rather than zeroing in my own point of view. This not only shows me that all the problems have more than one solutions but teach me on how to work together and agree to one’s idea. This also will be a lesson for me to not judge or make own assumptions about other people’s idea.

Furthermore, as a critical thinker I will be able to differentiate between a rational thought based on valid evidence and an emotional response based on personal bias. Emotion is the main traitor for a decision maker. By understanding my own perspective, I can also consider the perspective of others and come to a conclusion based on fact or evidence, not feelings. For an example as a doctor I have to give more importance to my patients compared to my love ones or friend except during emergency situation.

Not only that, by learning critical thinking it promotes creativity. In order to solve a problem, I should come up with innovative ideas which must be useful, relevant and logic too. It is not an easy task like just having new ideas, I must select the best one and modify the idea in order to sort out the problem according to the situation.

Last but not least, I can improve my language and presentation skills. Thinking clearly can improve the way I suggest my ideas. For an example, during the presentation the knowledge of critical thinking will help me to present my thoughts in cogent and organized manner. This also helps me to enhance my communication skills to the audience during my presentation.

15 Jun 2020

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