The Importance Of The Freedom Of Expression And Speech

Who are you? Do you want freedom to speak what you want to say? Or do you just keep the opinions you hide in your mind? Are you free? Will you still remain stuck in your own cage?

When we say freedom of speech, it is not just saying what you are feeling out loud and saying whatever you want. Freedom to speak can make you confident in front of others and it boosts the self-esteem of a person (example in the classroom reportings, public speaking etc.). For me, I am an introverted person and for me it is hard to talk because my communication skills are not enhanced. That feeling of being left and not fitting in. I express my thoughts only to my family and sometimes Twitter. But in the internet and in social media, freedom of expression may allow the easy spread of fake information, false news and lies. All things too much is bad. Do not abuse your freedom of speech in any circumstances. Using Twitter to tweet your opinions about something or someone is very acceptable as long as it is not toxic, harmful and disrespectful to others’ culture or religion. Because there are many naive people out there. You might offend their beliefs so we should also need to consider others' perception. You should think twice before you speak. Twitter isn’t just destroying the media’s image. It’s also affecting our journalism. Freedom of expression for news writers, bloggers and journalists is very hard. Have you heard about the Rappler blogger, Maria Ressa? She was arrested for cyber libel. Personally, I believe that she should not be arrested just for writing 'bad' about the President. She is a writer so it is her job to write news and they are accusing her she is providing fake news, which is not.

The concept of freedom of speech seems quite simple but in reality there are complex lines that can be drawn around what kinds of speech are protected and in what setting. Because freedom of speech also requires responsibility. There are laws and restrictions also like the violations of privacy, hate speech and defamation. Sure you can read, you can write and you can talk because we are humans. God created humans with authority, intellect and freedom. We are all equal. Everyone has the right to speak freely. To express his/her opinions and ideas, socialize and share information in whatever form, as long as it is respectful. So I encourage you right at this moment. Do not be afraid to express and show yourself to everyone. Let your opinions be heard and use it to be heard. Free your mind, free your soul and free your heart.


09 March 2021
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