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The Influence Of The Frontier On The On America

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Frederick Jackson Turner in 1893 wrote that his generation has succeeded so well that the American frontier had had at last come to an end. He wrote an essay called “The Significance of the Frontier in American History”, Turner wrote this based on the movement from the revolutionary times across the Appalachians and Mississippi River. In lecture it was talked about how in 1890 census was a matter of fatly that Western American had increased population.

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Frederick Jackson Turner used the census of 1890 to report the impact of the frontier on the American people. The Compromise of 1877 resolved the issue of 1876 of the presidential election between Democratic candidates Samuel tendon and Republican candidate Rutherford B. Hayes. Democrats agreed that Hayes would become president and exchange of the withdrawal of federal troops from the south and the granting of home rules in the south. President Hayes withdrawal of federal troops from Louisiana and South Carolina marked a major turning point in American political history effectively ending the Reconstruction Era and issuing the system of Jim Crow. The compromise of 1877 resolves the tumult that had a rising following of the 1876 presidential election. Garfield was shot at on July 2, 1881, but he didn’t die immediately, he died on September 19, 1881. In 1880 Garfield was elected to the Senate and work to secure the presidential nomination for Sherman but therefore he could even take his see he agreed to be there at Publica nominee winning after 36 ballots. He basically died because of Revenge you promised that if he got elected he would give the job to someone, but he didn’t give the job to that one person he promised to. He was a second president to be assassinated Charles killed Garfield. Garfield was killed on the train and his killer Charles J-Kwon anthem was hung.

The Panic of 1893 was a serious economic depression in the United States. Do situation was so broken that people earned from $1 to $2. 90 or $1. 40 which was the average for a labor during the postbellum. There was concern to the Cleveland of the mass of gold drain that collapsed in Railroad Stacks which said the economy into full field panic. Also, the Panic of 1893 set in Sherman of silver purchases of the ACT repealed on the Roxy Army as they marched on Washington.

There was a lot of immigration in the United States and many of them were Chinese. At first many Chinese people would come mainly as merchants from former sailors to America. The First Chinese people of these waves arrive in the United States in 1815 and from the 1820s to the late 1840s were mainly men. Many Chinese immigrants were fishermen and worked to trap animals for the fur. Many Chinese workers work for low wages and where treated bad by the knights who worked there. Those Knights of Labor demanding to work harder and so the knights would shout to the Chinese. This created violence for the entire Chinese population. Chinese men would suffer because they would be put to hard labor as the gold rush and what live enclosed communities’ Chinese people would also be used for laundry work. Many of them wouldn’t live with Americans and would have known as simulations. Most Chinese would work in mines railroad crop diversity or irrigation they help build Central City railroads. The California anti-bullying Act of 1862 protected free white laborers from Chinese competition they also tax Chinese workers to Dollars and $0. 50 per month for their work permit and they expected us to work and project of sugar iced tea or coffee. The Burlingame Treaty of 1868 between China and the US and current Chinese immigrants for labor exploration.

Most Americans would want the Chinese for cheap labor even if they were skilled or unskilled. The American didn’t really like the Chinese people because they thought they were stealing their jobs but that wasn’t true.

18 March 2020

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