The Innovation Of The Movie Toy Story

Toy Story is a Hollywood film that was released to public in 1995 with a budget of $30 million and received $362 million in box office. It was produced by Pixar and directed on debut by John Lasseter. Woody (Tom Hanks) is a compassionate cowboy doll who is dearly loved and owned by a young boy named Andy. The toys are afraid of being replaced by new hotshot toy, Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen). This leads Woody and Buzz into handful of dilemmas before the family moves to a new house. Toy Story follows these characters in the first ever fully CGI movie, which paved the way for many to follow through the likes of movies of Pixar, DreamWorks and Disney. To discuss the innovation made within Toy Story (1995), it is necessary to investigate its innovation of being fully CGI, its story of value of loved ones, and its excellent use of buddy comedy to tie up the beautiful movie.

Toy Story was the first of its kind; a fully CGI film. Being the first of its kind brought some difficulties. For instance Ed Catmull, Software Engineer was hired and tasked by Pixar to create a whole new application to make Toy Story on, however the software had its restrictions. Catmull’s software lacked in capability of making natural looking figures and that’s where the toys came in with the naturally boxy and geometric shapes. The CGI may not be up to today’s standard but Catmull, said he wanted story over the look of the film.

The most important things in our lives are probably family and friends. We are surrounded by them daily and have a sense of a close friendly community, toy story has immaculately captured this and showed that no matter how you look, who you are, you can be accepted and loved. Sid’s deformed toys perfectly demonstrates this. Toy Story shows that everyone, even toys should not be judged by their appearance rather, the content of their character. Mise en scene was used very effectively with Sid’s house/room. Dark room with dark reds, dark greens and a skull on his t-shirt. Menacing posters, warning signs on boxes and event the carpet; the carpet in Sid’s house is almost identical to that in the Shining, completing the ‘Horror-home’ feel.

Even though it is a movie about toys, it’s for all ages the buddy comedy of Woody and Buzz plays on our emotions remarkably well. Toy Story gives the kids a relation to them getting a new toy and to take care of your possessions, however, it gets much deeper for the more mature audience. For instance, it covers abuse and how it can affect one’s mental health with Buzz and Woody involuntarily getting experimented on by Sid. It demonstrates that no matter what shape or size abuse of any kind it affects everyone, even the least suspected ones, like Buzz. It shows you can’t get out of it alone; you need company. The abuse can snake its way into the best of us. The theme stays true of you can never handle it on your own, you always need someone beside you along the way.

By considering all the points made above, Toy Story (1995) was an amazingly seamless movie its innovation paved the way for CGI as we know it today, its lovable buddy comedy and hidden themes makes it relatable and enjoyable for all ages. It changed the mindset of kids around the globe. Toy Story walked so Shrek and many more could run. 

16 August 2021
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