The Involvement Of America In The Crimea Crisis

Crimea is an integral part Ukraine. Crimea is located on the Ukrainian mainland and is a peninsula off the coast of the Black Sea annexed by Russian forces in 2014 and has yet to be taken back. The conflict regards which federal nation has the right to Crimean land, between Ukraine, and Russia and has been flipped between various nations in history. The conflict begins with a power struggle as a corrupt, indecisive Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych chose a trade deal with Russia rather one with the European Union, which would further Ukraine from the corrupt, selfish Russians. It was difficult for Ukraine to separate themselves from the dangerous, cultural tied, and close in proximity to Russia. In this time, many Crimeans desired to join Russia, and Russia took advantage of the economical opportunity. This is a decision to harm Ukraine for years, and fuel Ukrainian anger. Most Ukrainians opposed the president, who eventually fled to Russia, allowing a fresh government to take back control, rather be a puppet of Moscow. Crimea held a referendum, deemed to be illegitimate, led by Pro-Russians, and voted in favor of Russia. The Russians took control and started to build and protect. The referendum was deemed unconstitutional and Ukraine did not approve. Currently, it is still under Russian occupation, with even Russian flags on the beach. Foreign nations and international organizations have provided input, opinions, funds, and sanctions in the situation adding further participants. The issue is not only regional between the two nations, but also internationally as all countries should be concerned and affected. It is a massive concern for one nation to be allowed to invade and take over another sovereign nation and not be met with retaliation. 

The United States of America stands firm on their policy regarding the Russian acts of war and the Ukrainian sovereignty crisis pertaining to the region of Crimea. Acting as an international superpower, and often referred to as the world’s police, the Americans are attempting, to clean the damage allowed by prior administrations, the international community, and international governing bodies. Not only do the United States claim to stand in alliance with the Ukraine, though also desire to reverse Crimean control to the rightful belonging of Ukraine. The Kremlin has frequently ignored the fundamental principles of international law and has disobeyed historical and progressive agreements providing resolutions to prior conflicts. The Russians have successfully proven their illegitimate, and dishonest foreign policies consistently undermining the integrity of other nations. In a prime reference applying directly to the Crimea conflict, The Budapest Memorandum has been ignored proving the failure to trust or work in partnership with the Russians. The Memorandum was signed by Russia in agreement to “to respect the independence and sovereignty and the existing borders of Ukraine;”, “to refrain from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of Ukraine;”, and “to refrain from economic coercion designed to subordinate to their own interest the exercise by Ukraine of the rights inherent in its sovereignty”. Evidently such a momentous agreement has not been placed into practice, forcing the United States to voice the dissatisfaction of the acts of war. Ukrainian citizens have been and are threatened with human rights violations, a military presence, and having a crucial aspect of the Ukrainian economy robbed while ultimately being defenseless. 

The United States stance is that they boldly reject Russia’s illegal annexation of Crimea and recommends the complete elimination of Russian presence in Ukraine. The United States officially recognizes the Crimea Conflict as a war with the assailant being the Russian State. Russia, as a partner in the United Nations is required to obligate the charter with the goal of maintaining worldwide peace and security. Russia has abused it privileges as a permanent member with veto power and has protected itself from their immoral violations of international law and agreements. Ukraine, also a member, has the absolute right to exercise actions defense against the imminent threat from Russia, a member of the council under section 51 of the charter. Ukraine has failed to receive deserved justice from the organization they comply with receiving no financial, or military aid. The Crimea Declaration by Russia has violated the United Nations Charter due to the confirmed use of military force against the political sovereignty and independence of Ukraine. The United States has donated a grand total of one billion dollars in funds aid going towards Ukraine, and their military since the start of the crisis. New President Donald Trump has attempted open dialogue between himself and President Putin and has sat down to discuss resolutions in the Helsinki Summit. As a result of conflicting visions, no progress was been made, however continued dialogue remains an option of interest to teach the Russians basic morals and international law. The Americans have informed the Russians to be prepared for harsh consequences if they fail to cooperate. The United States has historically stood by diplomacy in prior conflict and hopes again for Russia to choose the simple resolution. In addition, the United States has called upon, a diplomatic agreement between Russia and Ukraine to resolve its disagreements. As always, the United States is ready to protect and implement justice if it is not delivered, let alone in the homeland, but on all lands. 

As the invasion developed, as well as in its aftermath, the international community has exercised, in my opinion, too much patience with Russia, especially as it appears that diplomacy and minimal sanctions have not assisted in the effort to restore peace in Crimea. International law has the power to be exercised and restore justice in the interstate conflict. The United Nations has all tools at its disposal to unite the international community and provide retribution towards Russia. Unfortunately, the U. N. is in part to blame for the annexation, as it failed to utilize its power to protect Ukraine or provide the required aid as it claims to protect its members. As learned, International law is extremely difficult to enforce as a result of differences between nations and interpretations of justice. The main issue on why a governing body such as the U. N has failed to implement its mission, is because there is no true method of enforcement. There is no power, or neutral solution that all 139 members would ever agree upon. The United Nations Security council has also failed is purpose as a result of its inaction, repression to Russian aggression, and failure to restore security to Ukrainian citizens causing economical drain and physical threat. Ironically, it is the U. N. who calls upon the International community to project the organization’s mission, and display commitment to work in coherence with one another to assist the victim, Ukraine, and punish the aggressor, of Russia. It has been mentioned by prominent American political figures that there is immense disappointment in the United Nations for being bystanders in the conflict. The United Nations Security Council is in charge for maintaining international peace and security, as well as developing sanctions and authorize the use of military force. With Russia being a permanent member (and the U. S. A. ) they have veto power of any Security Council resolution, proving the ineffectiveness, and inability to enforce international security. Ultimately, there is no true obligation of any nation to obey any U. N procedure. Many members of the U. N. have implemented on going sanctions against Russia, especially led by the United States and President Trump, who is very tough on this issue. As a result, Russia has experienced a financial crisis, ban on oil, technology, and travel restrictions which was retaliated against. The United Nations is all talk, as all its done is basically say the truth that its Ukrainian territory. 

I believe the United States should propose a United Nations resolution demanding Russian withdrawal from Crimea. Since Russia is a permanent member, the proposal will be vetoed however it will send a message signifying a firm stance on the issue to allies. The United States should initiate the implementation of United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) resolution 377 A: the 'Uniting for Peace' resolution, stating the General Assembly can have the power to initiate peace operations in objection to a permanent member veto (Russia), sure to which any reasonable nation can approve. 

Another solution can be tougher American sanctions against Russia unlike any other seen to any nation before. The U. S. A. should lead the way with a complete embargo on all imports and exports of Russia. All travel between the USA and Russia, should be banned. All Russian government offices in America should be non-operational. The United States should encourage every ally to participate in a sanction mission, and those who do not comply, should be faced with their own sanctions. Sanctions will drain Russia to the point where it will face internal pressure to cave in. If it was not for respecting international law and treaties, I truly believe the best solution would be to utilize the military and ground troops in Ukraine to push Russia out. 

This C.P.T and course has fueled my political passions, and further informed me on situations around the world. The United States has been one of the few countries to show a serious opposition to Russian aggression and disrespect. I have grown to respect, and agree with many American stances, especially regarding Crimea. The conflict in Crimea revolves around various topics including justice, military, politics, government, international law, and international governing bodies, each of which has been a topic of conversation in class. The Crimean Crisis is a crisis I was aware of, however was uninformed of its complexity, and intriguing detail being one of the biggest violations of international law in history. Russian aggression, ignorance, selfishness, and communist trends have become extremely disturbing, being the reason of my determination to express my learnings under the American prospective. I have hope, especially under the new American government who frequently gets the job done, that the international community can come together to provide justice once and for all in Crimea and return control to Ukraine. Perhaps one day, a true, effective system of international law can be witnessed, where it is enforced, and recognized by all, making our world a better place. 

10 Jun 2021
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