The Issue Of Obesity And Weight In Different Countries


In 1970, the number of heart disease deaths in Finland was the highest in the world, the main reason for which was obesity. The government campaigned in this regard, educated people about food and exercise and told that smoking patients get rid of, so they should be released. The result of this campaign was that after 30 years, 80 percent of the people came to Comapas and thirty years later, in Finland's life lived. The World Health Organization's packet says that ordinary people should be greedy for the reward, such as leave cigarettes and get a prize. Apart from this, "If your cholesterol is reduced, you will get a reward. It can also be seduced to reduce your weight and take a reward from us.


About 48% of Hindus complain that their wives are more conservative, due to which they seem to be intense and heavy. In the same way, 46% of India's women have been hoping that their husbands feel frustrated and deceptive. As the basis for both equality is unhappy with others.


37% Chinese admitted that they eat weight loss tablets. Experts say people in China are worried about their obesity, so they buy weight loss pills, but these tablets can prove to be dangerous for health. They may also occur due to death, because they do not keep the principles of healthcare prepared.

After surveying, women around the world are more concerned about reducing males compared to men, so they are interested in weight loss bulletes. Weight loss tablets in Brazil eat 30 percent in Russia 24 percent and 23 percent in Mexico.


While surveying many countries of the world, when Switzerland's people were asked to reduce such weight loss, when the physicians did not give special guidance about it and those living here Do not be too fat? So there was an interesting point of view that people here do not give much importance to the physicians. Only 11% of Switzerland's population practice therapeutic advice, while 46 percent in Mexico and 39% of France tend to cure physicians.


Many people also cigarettes to reduce stress and lose weight, even though it is a foolish thinking. In Mexico, Philippines, and especially in Russia, people are smokers to end hunger, to reduce their coconuts. 23% of Russian men and 18% of women admit that they smoke to lose weight.


95% of the Philippines's people say that they are not interested in reducing weight. They fill their stomach with satisfaction, while 82% have to say that they have no courage in their ability to fight hunger. Only 38% of those people are willing to lose weight.


Thai residents are specialized in cooking. They must spoil black peppers in their foods, which makes the digestive system perfect, but those peppers appear to be a source of flaws in food flavors and you do not fast quickly. American foods eat very fast, because when the brain guides them to stop food, they have dried excessively. On the contrary, when you eat cheaper, your stomach reaches nutrients. It is the only way to eat the chickpea.


Indonesia is a Muslim who is obliged to fast. By fasting you did not eat anything until morning. Experts say that there is no need for depreciation to lose weight, however, suffering from moderation is saved by excessive eating. In this way, your body gets minimal disorders.


The residents of Poland have said that when you eat at home, eat more than you eat, because you eat from eating well and eating less than that, money is saved and your Stomach stains are also reduced.


92% French night catering can be found. They eat lunchtime and talk while eating, to minimize food. Long-term food also creates feeling that your stomach is full and no longer should eat.


75% German snacks do. They do not eat egg bread only in the breakfast, but also eat bread, ingredients and fruits without stirring. Experts say that breakfast must be done in the morning. If you do not have breakfast, you will feel hungry and you will try to eat more at noon.

03 December 2019
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