The Life Exampke Of Culture Shock By Migrant From Afrika

Human beings are social creature. From the beginning people are living in a group in order to survive in this world. Culture is defined as the phrase which covers societal behavior, norm and values in human society. Human obtains culture via learning process. Culture plays vital role in the personal life. It is regarded as the one of the most importance part in the society. It provides the guideline for the behavior, custom, dress, language in various situation. Culture helps to build social relationship. Culture helps to understand human behaviors and culture helps to bind us together. Culture shock occurs when people shifted from one cultural environment to another cultural environment. (2020) It is very difficult to adopt in the culture which is very different from our original culture. It is also called personal awkwardness a person may possibly fell it when undergoing strange environment due to entry in another country. (Author), 2020) The most common cultural shock is language barrier, skill barrier, melancholy and generation gap, transportation, use of debit and credit cards etc.

Paula Peters is from Africa. Her national culture is sub- Saharan. She migrates from Africa to Australia for the safety of her family and for the seek of better opportunity as there is fast growing of opportunity and its economy is also rising. She was very ambitious young women. Her profession is education. Everybody feel different when they must adopt different culture and tradition because we are bounded by our norms and values. Paula’s condition is also same. When she moved to Australia, she found that Australian society is individualistic in nature, so she must work alone, but she is from collectivistic society where everyone see themselves as a part of social networks including extended families and various groups. They give more importance to their family than persons. Individualistic society is one of the culture shocks of Paula. As she moves from collectivistic society to individualistic society, all the adult members must work in order to meet their financial situation. Paula main profession is in educational sector, she had very good job in Africa but it is very difficult to find the desirable job in Australia as she don’t have enough skill and knowledge about Australian society so it creates skill barrier which is the culture shock. Bureaucracies is also one of the culture shocks for Paula. Paula must work long hour than she used to work in her home country, and she is only able to spend little time with family, so she is feeling depressed. It affects her mental health too. (Ikafa and Perry, 2019). There is difference in education system of Africa and Australia too.

National culture is very importance in personal life. It defines you and your tradition. It reflects your personality, emotion and moods. It transfers from one generation to another generation. Peoples have different personality according to their country. Personality is the features set of actions and expressive pattern. Paula is from Africa and her national culture is sub Saharan. African people have their own ritual, culture and beliefs. (Culture of Africa, 2020) They share their responsibilities with their family members and community whereas They have extended family members. Paula community member helps each other in difficulties and share their ideas and views. Paula migrated from Africa to Australia for better life. When she arrives here, she found that Australian culture and tradition are different from Africa and she must cope with new culture and tradition. Australian culture is Anglo-Saxon. Australian people want to work alone, and they are goal-oriented people. Paula’s national culture has greatest influence on her personality. She is calm and bold women. She wants to contribute her efforts for the betterment of her children so, she tries to find the jobs. She is educated women. When she finally finds job. She had to work hard because it is different job and different culture too. She must do more research to perform the task in Australia than back in her country. It will take time and courage to fit in the job. So, she got demotivated due to different culture and tradition. As they move from collectivistic society to individualistic society, each adult member must work to support their financial standard. She must work long hour in order finish her task and she is unable to spend more time with her children, so she become emotional. She is felling depressed and her mood is below the average level. The custom of the Australian is different than from her culture so she has to wear suitable clothes to match with culture. Due to the culture shock there is drastic change in Paula mood personality (Triandis and Suh, 2002) and emotion. Culture can be shared and learned quickly.

Personal values are regarded as personal believes and appropriate goals that motivates people action towards serving as certain principle. Paula is wonderful women who recently moved from Africa to Australia. It is very different from her culture and she is trying to fit in the culture although it is very difficult to her at first time. She got a job, but she had to work on lower position, and she must work hard to rise the positions. back to her country she used to set goals and good worker but when she arrives in Australia, she is unable to spend time with her family. Due to change in culture she had to give extra time to work and she is unable to set goal which creates financial difficulties to her. She used to work individually in Australia

On the other hand, people should change according to time and situation. Sometime people had to face difficult problems and many more, but we should learn things as to cope with the situation. When Paula’s migrated from Africa to Australia, her cultural environment is changed, and she found it difficult. Paula’s is trying her best to move with new culture. She is working extra hour and unable to give proper time to her children. It depicts that she is trying to learn new things and she is working in lower position which clarify that she struggling to change according to environment.

Emotional intelligence is the capacity to understand, evaluate and govern your emotion and the persons all around you. It is necessary to manage your emotion and thought in an positive way to reduce anxiety, stress. Emotional intelligence helps to improve public connection at work. On the other hand, it leads to achieve your personal goals and target. (Improving Emotional Intelligence (EQ), 2020). Paula is more often used to work in collectivistic environment. They used to share their ideas and views with each other in order to complete their task on time. Due to some goals they had to move from their motherland to Australia. There is more pressure on her about the job. She had to work hard. She even thought that she had to start from the bottom. She is unable to spend time with beloved children and so it is hard time for her, and she is working hard. She is unable to manage her work too which depicts that there is greatest impact on emotional intelligence due to change in culture.

Self-evaluation is the process of analyzing your personal performance and if there is any kinds of mistake and error you can improve it. Australia focuses on masculine values that evaluate the work according to their performance and competitiveness. There is less gap between men and women. Citizens are self-oriented. They give great values to commercial evolution. They give more priority to money and things. (Hofstede Masculinity / Femininity Traits, 2020). They retain time esteemed ritual and models. In the workplace they focus on live in order to work.

Learning styles is the way that person monitor and retain info and skill. It depends upon the environment and the culture and tradition, how he can learn the things. In context of Paula’s, she came from collective society where all the people work together and share ideas, but she migrated to Australia which is individualistic society. They give importance to achievement and accomplishment and try to get better job opportunity as well as upper level position, whereas power is equally distributed (Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions in Australia, 2020). For Paula’s she must try to learn individually and give more effort to learn more ideas and knowledge about it.

There are lots of factors that affects to the people migrated to different environment. In context to Paula’s, she is feeling frustrated and anxiety due to new environment. She is unable to get her desirable job and so on. Everyone feels same as Paula’s when they must live in new environment. Paula should work hard and realize that it is very ordinary to have culture shock in different country. She must acknowledge Australian culture and should adopt according to its environment. She must make optimistic mindset for everything. Paula’s should not compare herself with Australian people because it demotivates her. She must work actively in order to learn and she must be open minded as well as she must explore as much, she can which give her idea and knowledge about the country.

Overall, Paula is immigrant from Africa who arrive in Australia and she feels completely different culture from her country, and unable get proper opportunity. Although she got a job, she has to work long hour because of culture shock. She cannot take appropriate care to her children which makes her depressed and it makes her angry too due to that her character is affected negativily. She has no choice so she must work hard and realise that it is simple to have culture shock in different country. She must stay positive and she must be openminded and she must try to always learn new things. Then only she will be able to achieve her targeted goals. 

07 July 2022
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