The Life Lesson Story By Robin Sharma

“Who will cry when you will die” is a life lesson story which is written by Canadian author Robin Sharma in the serious of the “Monk Who Sold His Ferrari”. The novel was written in 1999. The novel is separated in 101 chapters. Every part provide solution and recommendation for dealing with some of life’s difficult problems and improving one’s personality and personal abilities. First lesson says find you’re calling point if you find your calling point you live fulfill life and the last lesson says live fully so, you can die happily. So, you can see clearly as to how author takes us journey from the begging to the end of life through many lessons. First of all, find your effect on your core abilities, strength, interests and those special qualities that make you unique. Spend the rest of your life refining and expending them. Moreover, write your legacy statement which expresses what you want leaves when you die and the start working on it to make it reality. 

Then, few things energize the human spirit more than the desire to make a difference in the lives of others. By focusing on the value your work adds; you will see quantum improvements in your satisfaction level. Increase your values. Acquire skills no one else has. Think thoughts no one else in thinking and do something no one else is doing. Be humble and do not criticize anyone. After that, three things can be left as legacy such as write a book, plant a tree and have children. These last and serve long after you. You don’t dwell on your past mistakes, and think how much you learned from them. For the first thirty minutes after you wake up, think only purest thoughts and take only finest of actions. You do not forget to laugh daily because laughter is the best medicine so, read jokes, watch comedy movies and shows. You should fix thirty minutes for worry session in evening to analyze your problem and find solution after this session; leave all your worries are behind. Eat fruits daily and do not overeat and say no to junk food. You should always carry a book read it to utilize your time when you travel in a plane, and waiting in a queue. 

Next, everyday makes few deposits in your love account such as offering your seat and paying toll for person in the car behind you. You should listen other persons carefully. Paste your favorite quote on the bathroom mirror and refrigerator door that keep you positive. You should ask yourself how may I serve then find your answers and start working it. I believe that, you are not born just to live in the world. You should live in the world with great vision and get success with a good spirit. So when you die everybody will remember you and cry on your death. 

07 July 2022
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