The Life Lessons For Children From Disney

The life lesson that can be learnt through Disney is shown in the quote ‘Open different doors, you may find a you there that you never knew was yours. Anything can happen’. This quote is said by Mary Poppins in the film ‘Mary Poppins’. The lesson learnt from this quote is that they should be curious about the world and never stop trying to find new interesting things. This will specifically help children as they grow up and begin to find hobbies. They may find hobbies that they never thought they would be interested in.

A third quote that will influence young children is ‘Just keep swimming’, said by Dory in ‘Finding Nemo’. This quote will most likely catch a child’s attention as it is sung throughout the film in quite a catchy tune. It teaches them to never give up and always keep on trying. This is important as they will face many push backs in their life and may be tempted to give up, but lessons like this may encourage them to carry on, no matter how hard it seems.

As well as these inspirational quotes, morals are taught in almost every Disney movie ever made. Sometimes you have to search for these morals, sometimes you don’t. An example of a good moral portrayed in Disney is from UP, which is to appreciate the little things in life. In UP, Carl is going on a ‘big adventure’ that his wife Ellie wanted to go on, but didn’t get the chance to before she died. However, by the end of this movie, Carl realises that his real ‘big adventure’ was living his life with Ellie.

This teaches children that they should appreciate the life they have and not the life they want to have, as what they want, may not be better than what they already have. In a questionnaire that I conducted, I asked the question ‘Has Disney taught you any life lessons? If so what?’ Some responses I received included, ‘be kind to animals’, ‘family means most’, ‘to love people more’. The answers I received are clearly good life lessons for children to learn and proves that Disney teaches children important life lessons. However, how would children be able to find understanding in the quotes and morals used within the Disney films and therefore be able to interpret it? The likely answer to this question would be that it will not be easy for children to understand the deeper meaning behind the quotes, or they may not pick up that bit of dialogue. 

07 July 2022
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