The Main Concepts Of Propitiation Religion

Propitiation is the name of my religion that I have created, the people who follow Propitiation are called Propitiatoans. The Propitiatoans live in a separate community that is self-sufficient with the members of the congregation. The Propitiatoans has its own police system, the moral police. The community also has its government and authoritative system stemmed in the religious leaders of the church. The community also boasts midwives, doctors, firefighters, carpenters, school system, farmers, and engineers. The belief system consists of five doctrines that have to be adhered to by the congregations. The statements of beliefs consist of five major factors which consist of the following: believing in one Goddess, Candace, that has the power to manifest in human flesh or any natural objects (atoms). The second statement is that this Candace is born of a miraculous virgin birth and who has lived a sinless, pure life. In her life, she has performed miracles that are supernatural. Candance was bestowed to earth to be a sacrifice to humanity because of humanity’s abominations and selfish actions. The third principle of this belief is that she was unfortunately crucified. Her crucifixion symbolizes that humans can have everlasting salvation from their vices. After Candance was crucified, she was resurrected from the dead, which symbolizes that her sacrifice was authentic, meaning that she is truly a Goddess. When it comes to the spirit world, one day she will go to Earth and adopt all the faithful believers to the spirit world with her. The people who are stubborn, ignorant and unwilling to acknowledge Candance will be sent to a cursed galaxy. The fourth rule is that the holy spirit of Candance, which signifies that people should live a holy life, is filled with peace, sympathy, empathy, compassion and free of judgment concerning others. This doctrine of the holy spirt also can signify that we are all equal regardless of arbitrary status. The last doctrine rule is unity.

Followers of Propitiation can go to temple on Fridays and Sundays. There the people enjoy many activities such as yoga, singing, dancing, worship, reading the Propitiation Bible, and giving the Propitiation community assistance. If a person needs help with basic necessities or medical and funeral services, the congregation’s members will help. With our fifth belief statement, it is to maintain a homogeneous society, where no one can convert as one has to be born into the faith.

One of the Propitiation symbols includes the female Goddess crucifixion which is one crescent moon on the right, one on the left, and a circle in the middle. This right moon crescent represents Candance, her earthly mother on the left and a circle linking them which signifies the holy spirit. The second symbol is the three eyes. The eye on the left sees the future, the one on the left sees the past and the one in the middle ward off evil, corruption, bad luck, individuals with negative energy and curses. The Triquetra Trinity Knot, which denotes that our congregation, is encouraged to have at least more than four offspring as the church does not let foreigners into the community. It’s also good luck for a couple who have fertility problems to place a Triquetra Trinity Knot in the house to increase the chance of having children.

The totems of the Propitiation include the cow because this animal represents calmness, harmony, good fortunate, purity, and good health. This is because cows are key in agriculture fertility. Their defecation and urine is imperative for healthy soil of the farmland. The second totem is a bluefish. This fish symbolizes the creativity in our religion that promotes every section of the arts. It encourages our members to use their critical thinking, natural survival instincts and to manage themselves in ways that will advance the congregation so they can prevail against evil and bad luck. It also symbolizes how our congregation will never go hungry. The people will have a large bounty of food, making malnutrient, food deserts, and food insecurity nonexistent. The last totem is the owl, which symbolizes that our congregation has to contribute a great deal to physics, chemistry, biology, engineering and overall education.

In the Propitiation religion, the belief system is centered on the following, that every single human and object is nonpermanent, which means it will manifest to a different form. Subsequently, nothing is permanent. An individual who seeks a life inquiring materialistic belongings will not be content, it will increase the chances of depression and substance abuse. There is no such thing as everlasting life on earth, which means as long as your body and soul is on earth, they will be anchored in the physical world. These things just contribute to one’s physical appearance and one’s personality.

Another belief is that human existence, from fetus to death, consists of suffering. What causes human suffering are emotions like anger, frustration, and sensing that a group of individuals are inferior. Also, as long as individuals walk the earth, they will always encounter suffering regardless of how insignificant or significant it is. The only way to terminate human suffering is to help the individual that is suffering as one’s life depends on it.

Propitiation rituals consist of taking a newborn and having the father praying in the child’s ear. The words should come naturally. Let one’s heart express one’s feelings, not the mind. Another ritual is when someone has died, the body must be buried within three days out of respect. The casket and ceremony should be extraordinary and flamboyant. People perform songs, dances, and poetry to demonstrate how much love they had for that individual. However, displaying emotions is not allowed to be shown in public.

My religion consists of five prayers, which include the following: family, guidance/support, government for wisdom and shelter, the people who are suffering, and prayer to oneself. While the religion does not allow converts, a child raised in the faith would be socialized differently in that the child cannot marry outside the religion, premarital sex is illegal, and one is permitted to marry a cousin.

03 December 2019
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