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The Main Principles Of Keto Diet

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Suzy Lee Weiss “New Diet Claims You Can Lose Weight by Eating Only Steaks and Burgers.”

Dieting has been a huge fad in modern America because of the easy guidelines. Recently, the, “low-carb, high fat ketogenic diet “(Weiss, 2) has helped many people lose weight and at a fast rate! People on the keto diet believe vegetables are a waste of time and meat is the only truly satisfying food. Back when carnivorous cavemen had to hunt their own food why do we, ”waste time with vegetables that cause pain, discomfort, and addiction”? Author Suzy Lee Weiss shares the dieters and doctors say in this seemingly extreme diet. Weiss also explains the dietary restrictions and even some options for dessert!

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Cholesterol is not a big issue like most would think, the diet makes your body feel like it’s in a completely natural and blissful state. The combination of major weight loss, no sickness, affordability, and feeling like your best self are all things people love about this highly trending diet. Travis Statham states he,” never quite understood why vegetables were so good for me” because a red meat diet was most satisfying and would fill him up. No breakfast needed only a big lunch and dinner, and a cheat drink of coffee,” is the only plant based thing,” Keto dieters want to consume. You feel your best when trying this only fat diet because carnivory was the main practice caveman times.

Famous Dr. Pinsky says,”he lost two notches off his belt” after only a couple weeks of testing the diet. However, meal plans can be up for debate, “bloodthirsty followers shun the food pyramid”,this diet consists of zero carbs, mainly red meat, and occasional pork, poultry, and seafood is allowed. Although this can get pricey, if you are not a picky meat eater, Travis says,”it can be done on the cheap with fast food” because meat is meat.

Others disagree and believe,” organic, grass fed beef” is the only way to go in order to stay healthy and happy. Michael Mitchell is experiencing depression since starting keto because of his cats death. He feels,”guilty that his late pet didn’t get to enjoy the benefits of the diet.” Weiss thinks he could’ve prevented some of his cats illnesses. Some feel so strongly as to say,” the pain, discomfort, and addiction that came from digesting plants is only a memory”, he says after losing 140 pounds.

Cholesterol is believed to be a great risk, however the worry over high numbers is outdated and should not cause distress. The ketogenic diet has helped many lose weight fast and comes with easy to follow guidelines. Bell says,”my biggest downfall in life is the bread in Little Sorrento in Yorktown,” protein typically satisfies him but if you start later in life is comes with more temptations. Some dietary restrictions include vegetables and anything high-carb. Vegetable oil to cook with and some dairy is accepted into the diet. If you’re wanting more and crave a dessert a spoonful of butter will suffice!

03 December 2019

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