The Mobile Application For Borrowing Money

Your attention today will be presented to a project that has been operating in the e-commerce and crypto-currency market for several years and has only become better with the years. We will talk about "BRAVO" .We all often encounter the fact that people in our environment are asking us to borrow money. Usually we resort to the help of bank transfers, but for the most part money then does not come immediately, but time goes by.

In addition, not all banks have created a mobile application for similar purposes. And, finally, there are situations where people want to remain anonymous when making a particular bank transfer. Everything in life happens, but how can we be and what use? It should also be noted that when we apply to bank transfers, we give our "automatic" consent to notify the bank and the state about our actions. They receive a kind of report on how we used our funds and how much they spent.

The use of cash before the invention of the crypto currency was the only way to maintain its anonymity where it was needed and preferred. The creation in the US of "BRAVO" has expanded the "assortment" of mobile applications that offer various opportunities for working with money transfers and payments. Several tens of thousands of people are active users of similar applications based on mobile devices.

The use of Blockchain and the proclamation of anonymous user work in this application allowed BRAVO to reach a new level. It became a payment platform for the "new generation". Along with anonymity, the developers tried to ensure the low fees for payments and transfers, reduce the time for obtaining the desired result from currency transactions, and also transfer to the user all the necessary management tools for working in the application.

The system "BRAVO Pay", operating in "BRAVO" , is created for those who appreciate simplicity and want to see the observance of the principles of confidentiality and transparency. The creators of the project are assured of the tremendous benefit from their creation and in its mass application around the world.Introduction to the history of creationIn the courtyard was in 2014. Two people named Maria Luna and Hector Rodriguez were unable to pay for the services rendered quickly and without applying to bank transfers.

According to M. Luna and G. Rodriguez, they did not have any cash at the time of the journey through South Utah. This problem led them to the idea that it is necessary to invent a "digital" way of paying for anything, regardless of the purpose of the payment. Soon they created "BRAVO" together .After a while, "BRAVO" receives the Audience Award (2015) at one of the presentations in San Francisco. In 2017, he has new large investors.

Years went by, and the geography of the project in the US increased significantly, its popularity grew, more and more people solved all their financial issues using this application. The activities of BRAVO have beneficially affected the various charitable organizations with which its team works

The main concept of the project"BRAVO" is a non-cash, peer-to-peer payment system that allows its users to quickly and easily transfer money to people who are close to them. The main element of the system is the device "Bravo Pay", which operates on the basis of "Blokchan" - technologies.

Examples of application use include payment for purchases in the market, provision of tips to waiters in cafes, etc. The important features of the project, its possible shortcomings, the development team and tokens will be discussed in the second part of this article.

Link to the website:

https://bvo.trybravo.comGroup in Telegram - Facebook – Twitter - https: // twitter .com / Bravo_PayWhitepaper – theme of the project on the forum is – profile

03 December 2019
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