The Moment Of Fear I Will Remember Forever

I will never forget that moment in time. It had occurred on a Sunday like any other. The birds had been chirping, the sky was a luminous blue. I had been up on my roof cleaning the gutter. Scrape, brush I did in a regular motion till the filth in the gutter was removed. To my surprise, I had heard a shrill which cut through the warm air like a bullet. Even though the sound was muffled by the gargantuan trees which surrounded my house. I could still make out the words help, and, fire. Where’s the fire? Is my house burning? What will I do? All these questions were racing through my mind. I was confused and I was unaware of what was about to come next. The peaceful sound of birds chirping and the gentle swaying of the trees in the twilight were ruined. It was substituted with screaming, shouting and chaos. I stood still bewildered by the sudden change of mood. That’s when a dark black smoke started to rise. Like a predator circling its prey, the smoke started to enclose in on me. The smoke had an ominous smell to it. It smelled of coal and burnt rubber. It choked me and I had to gasp for fresh air. The air around me was getting thicker and thicker making it harder and harder for me to breathe.’

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I stood up and peered over my lawn to see great, fiery, orange flames! Then with the help of the oxygen-rich air, the flames quickly rose. As they rose they started to engulf everything around them. The sheer force of the fire took my breath away. Literally, this was not a fire like any that I had known. The fire moved like a dancer. It swayed from one side to the other twisting and turning. The tips of the flames like arms swayed up and down in a 90-degree arc. As they did so heat radiated through the atmosphere.’The flames were getting more and more intense every second making it unbearable for me. The flames which were once dancers were now like vicious snakes, hissing and trying to strike me. My skin was sizzling because of the intense heat from the immense blaze. Sweat was streaming down the side of my face because of the fierce heat, which left my skin dry. A bitter taste was swirling in my mouth. This was the taste of fear I had told myself. Whenever I gasped for fresh air my mouth would be filled with smoke. It left a dry bland taste in my mouth.RU’

01 February 2021

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