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The Moment That Made Me Cruel

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How could someone do this?! My life was going so great until now. I was walking on the sidewalk of a park until he did this to me. My heart just dropped. It was at this moment when everything went dark. All was fine until this moment happened. Just 10 seconds ago life was amazing. My life was bright and vibrant. There was just a radiant glow about the world, especially today. The diminutive hummingbirds, with its long, narrow, and tapered wings, its stubby streamlined body and narrow, needle-like bill, were flying through the heavenly, clear, cloudless, day-time, blue sky singing an angles chorus. All sung in a perfect, consistent, homogenous harmony. Dewy, fresh, olive green grass as far as the eye can see representing the traditional sign of peace. The grass so thin and translucent, as it glows in the sunlight, freshly cut. The wind’s soft, peaceful, tender-hearted breeze blowing through my black and brown, curly, afro-like hair and across my smooth, milk and tea, brown skin. And in my hand, was a dry, coned-shape pastry that a similar texture to a waffle. Within this corner held one of the world’s most beautiful creations. A beautiful mixture of cream and milk, perfectly frozen, well churned frozen product. This mixture going through dashers, combining air to keep the ice crystals small and being frozen at the perfect rate to create such a smooth, creamy-textured frozen dessert that is simply God-sent which he plainly called ice cream. I just got this from the silver and pink ice cream van with a humongous, strawberry, vanilla and chocolate ice cream covered in rainbow sprinkles prop on the roof of the van and it’s cute, little, “I Scream for Cream” business logo on both side of the van. But then, he showed up.

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On my stroll. On this perfect day like no other… he showed up. That guy. The runner. A 6.5ft, probably mid twenty’s man with pure white earphones connected to his iPhone listening to whatever he was listening to. He was wearing an extremely baggy, red, runner’s sport tank top so loose I could see his nipples hang out. He also wore a pair of really tight, black with white stripes, uncomfortable to watch him run in shorts. He was running in neon, lime green socks with an orange strip on the top and black Nike shoes with white soles. He’s just looking down at his phone, not paying any attention to where he’s running. So distracted by that stupid small device that he actually bumped into me and made me do the worse thing ever. He bumped me so hard that I ended up dropping my still cold, fresh, only licked once ice cream on the dirty, polluted, sidewalk floor. It was at this moment when everything went dark. It felt like my life had just shattered. My perfect world has turned into a personal fire fraught realm the seemed very similar to Hell. The hummingbirds drew away in fear of the storm that was filling the skies with grim darkness and thunderous clouds approaching me in one of my lowest times. The harmonious, beautiful sounds of nature had turned to the sounds of the grass screaming in distress of being “freshly cut” by some park maintainer as he cuts and splatters the grass’ own blood and flesh everywhere. This runner, this man… this demon has ruined my perfect day and perfect world and didn’t even stop to apologise. This is the moment when everything went dark. This is the moment I seek my revenge. This is the moment when I hunt him down. This is the moment when he shall suffer the consequences of bringing such misery and anger upon me. This is the moment when the terror absorbed me. This is the moment… when the terror made me cruel.

01 February 2021

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