The Morality Of Current American Judicial System

Discussing the morality of our current judicial system, we are failing in even calling what we define as a Justice System. Our current supreme court is too inconclusive, we must have the ability to punish unjust judges of the court, and with that exceptions must be made, we live under such a strict rule of what is written on paper, when the reality is, our justice system is outdated, our laws are unfair to the modern man. When self defence comes into play, whether it be on a ground of education or in a public park, we should not even consider the actions of the defendant, when one is threatened of their rights and equality to men and women, It should be in his total power to defend himself, regardless of the situation, this defense shall go unpunished. There will be no more “that’s just how it is in the book”, we will take the situation into perspective of who we believe is innocent and the judge will be the verdict of whether or not this person was right in their actions. There will be guidelines and practices in the judiciary system, but strict rule books will be abolished.

Regarding tools of self-defense, knives/blades of any type, under federal law will be considered tools, regardless of shape or size. Firearms and any black powder weapon allocation will be a law decided under the state legislation, no complete abolishment of firearms will take place regardless of state, should the chancellor become tyrannical it is the job of his parliament to ensure an abolishment of his position, and that of the people to defend themselves. NFA weapons rule now used shall still be implemented with the same principles, no full-auto firearm shall be owned by any citizen outside of militaristic use, modifications to make a semi-automatic firearm full-auto shall also be prohibited. As of May 25th, 2018, there are approximately 3, 000 people on what is considered death row. I vouch to bring back public execution of these monstrosities, we give rapists, sinners of children, murderers, and liabilities to society the freedom to stay alive and it is taking a toll on our debts, keeping members who are not productive in society alive is not a good measure of a nation, and prisoners who do not serve the sentence of fait will work for free to repay their crimes to society, no more sitting in jail cells associating with gang affiliation and becoming a nuisance to society, you will be productive. Should your crime be too heinous to be released back, into the free world, you will be executed, the guilty shall confess their crimes publically, before being executed, reminding people that they are not, under any circumstances, going to be sharing this working nation with hardened criminals living off of their tax dollars.

This newly reformed judiciary system will take a load off of what is the burden of mandatory federal taxes, and allocate more spending on necessities such as education and public works for those who plan to be productive in their society, we are not a charity, we do not give for free, must you want a place in our country, then you shall make something of who you are.

29 April 2020
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