The Movie "Avatar" - Our Planet In Future

The movie avatar it's so mesmerizing because of the amount of colors one can see. The movie is one of the most vivid and lucid ideas of the future. What matter the most in the film is the story. It shows how much inflicting pain humanity can cause to other people. It so sad how humans will pretty much do anything for minerals and precious stones. The lust for powered and control. I suppose its the obsession of progress and wealth. Avatar is a very touching movie and it's something I never seen in the film industry. The movie reminded me of the power of film. I thought it was an analogy of alpha and Omega.

The beginning and the ending

In the movie avatar, Earth depleted of its natural resources. The Resources Development Administration finds an alternative solution to fix the problem. They found unobtanium a rich element the does not exist on Earth. The mineral comes from the planet known as Pandora. Pandora is a jungle planet. The mineral known as Unobtanium is very difficult to mini. The process it's very challenging and costly because Pandora is very far away from Earth. The planet is extremely dangerous to humans. Pandora atmosphere is dangerous to humans. The planet is already occupied by a humanoid group known as Navi. The Na’vi despise the humans because it's a manifestation of colonization’s. I suppose it's a poetic gesture how America became to be. They don't like the fact the humans want to re-educate its people. The Na’vi constantly defend themselves against the humans. The humans managed to manufacture human Na’vi clones. They are operated genetically by humans. Human conscious is uploaded to the avatar body.

A marine named Jake sully becomes one of the operators of the avatar body. While Jake is in the jungle he is attacked by large animals and eventually gets lost from his crew. He is rescue by Neytiri. She takes him to the tribe and Jake becomes part of the tribe. Jake eventually choose Neytiri as a mate. Jake understand the perspective of the Navi. Jake and the Na’vi tribe fight the humans because the Navi people homes and lands are being occupy by the humans. Home tree is where all the Na'vi clan lives. Jake and the Na’vi fight the humans and eventually won the battle. Humans are told to go back to their planet.

It's a classic story of the European conquering the Native Americans or any other group and re-educating the natives. The white men spread lies and cause war because of the resources they lack in Europe. It wasn't because of god or religious freedom but ultimately it was because they wanted to become wealthy from the natural resources, which it came about to be. On the film humans go about murdering the Na’vi population. They killed and destroy their homes in order to mine valuable minerals.

I suppose its moral realization of colonization’s in the Americas. The indigenous population of Pandora are fantastical version of the Native Americans. The Na’vi have warriors and they respect the nature and its animals. They are deeply attached to mother nature. They hunt with bow and arrow. They are noble savages because they are representing what’s good and they are free of corruption. The avatar bodies that were manufactured by the human scientist the were used to infiltrate and become friends with the Na’vi. The human’s extension was to further increase their chance their chances to the goals of mining the minerals. Sully the avatar operator eventually discover the moral superiority of the Na'vi tribe. They bribe the Na’vi with education and medicine. It was a peaceful approach to give up their land and homes just for minerals. The plan fail and the humans decide to take the land by force.

The culture between the humans and the Na'vi people it's very different. The two culture have many differences such traditions, way of life, languages, clothing, and technology. Between the two cultures there are many differences because the two-culture clash with another. Many of the values, beliefs and religions are not the same.

Conflict theory would also apply in this movie. The dominant group in this movie would be the humans because they have superior weapons and advance technology. the marginalized group would the Na’vi because they have less power and their sense of technology its primitive. It's interesting how sometimes the dominant group is not the majority but still have the means to destroy the other group for control. Façade of legitimacy because the dominant group or the humans are creating the social arrangements and culture in favour of controlling the minority group which is Na’vi. The dominant group doesn't necessarily have to be the majority group.

Symbolic interactionist theory would be language, technology and self-awareness. This would be regarding how the human and Na’vi interact with each other such as the language barrier. The functionalist theory how society or people contribute or disrupts to the existing social structure. The human disrupting the social structure of the Na’vi. The humans use the military force. Navi to come together. The military exits to kick off the Na'vi people off Pandora and take their lands by force.

11 February 2020
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