The Movie Dangal: An Inspiration To All

The movie Dangal is inspired by the Phogat Sisters who are women wrestlers. The three musketeers: Geeta, Babita and Rita; have indeed showed the world that strength is not limited to males only. Talking about Ritu who is the eldest sister amongst the siblings is striving for a Gold medal in 2020 Olympics. Ritu has been a repeated winner of titles at Annual National Wrestling Championships, a gold at the Commonwealth Wrestling Championship, a silver in the World under 23 Wrestling Championship all in the 48 Kg category.

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Ritu and her sisters have inspired many women to live their dreams rather than just limiting them to dreams. This blog is not about their achievements but about their fitness journey; as to how they achieved their dreams, what was the hard work behind the curtains? A wrestler’s diet, workout schedule and trainings are very exhaustive. This can be followed with an utmost desire and zeal to win. Once she enters the wrestler’s ring, she undergoes a quick metamorphism from a girl to a fierce ever-winning woman wrestler. Let us explore in details the workout schedule and diet of the three sisters.

Workout: The three sisters’ wake up before Sunrise, i.e 4 am. They train for a total of 6 hours where they selflessly dedicate 3 hours in the morning and 3 hours in the evening.

The training session revealed: Their training sessions consist of a mix of Cardio, HIIT in combination with weight training and wrestling techniques in the end.

Cardio: Cardio exercises give strength, agility and flexibility which are key features of wrestling. The sisters run crazily to keep improving their stamina till the time they would exhaust out. The dedication towards running is extreme.

They do not hear or see any obstacles but see a goal: to reach the finish line no matter how fast the heart is pumping, the legs are paining and the body is shivering.

HIIT: HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is an anaerobic form of exercise meant to increase the heartbeat and provide a quick blood flow to the body, strengthening the muscles, building endurance and increasing overall performance of athletes. It is practiced throughout the world either solely or with a combination of other exercise forms. Examples of HIIT are burpees, dead lifts and pushups.

Weight Training: Weight Training is a primordial part of their training to give strength to their arms, legs and core which is required the defense. Please note that these girls do not lift any sort of weight but only heavy weights to be able to better defend themselves in the ring.

Ritu’s diet: A healthy diet is a must for a wrestler. Let us see Ritu’s Diet in particular. Being a wrestler, she requires food to give her stamina, strength and increases her immunity as she is not allowed to fall sick. In addition to that, she requires good sources of Carbs to fuel her workouts.

Here comes her diet routine:

  • Early Morning Juices/Smoothies/ Shakes along with nuts such as almonds, walnuts, pista.
  • Breakfast 200 g fruits, 150 g vegetables (seasonal), sprouts, 1 full glass of milk (eating potatoes on cheat days along with curd)
  • Mid-Morning Energy Bar/ Fruit/ ShakeLunch 100 g salad, 200 g chicken, 50 g pulse, 100 g vegetable, 4-5 Rotis, Curd
  • Evening Snack Milkshake along with fresh fruits Dinner 100 g salad, 200 g chicken, 50 g pulse, 100 g vegetable, 4-5 Rotis OR 1 full brown of Brown Rice
  • Bedtime 1 small glass of milk along with turmeric/kesar/ cardamom Pre-workout Snack Fruits/ Energy Bars/Energy Drinks/ BCAAs
  • Post-workout Snack Smoothies/Fruits/ Energy Bars

Hoping that this diet schedule will help you to add wings to your dream too. Always remember to never give up even if the situations are in favor of the negative. Always strive, fight and grab your dream and convert it to reality like the Phogat Sisters. You might never know, you might be the next inspiring story for another movie casting.

11 February 2020

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