The Negative Impacts Of Drugs And Alcohol Abuse

Most of the people often choose the fantasy and dreamy world than the harsh and tough reality. The reality we live in is hard and is very competitive for the survival and to look fit in the society as the human minds are set by the society and environment we live in. From the influences through friends and surroundings, from the depression and the stresses from various reasons, for the relaxation and recreational time beings, from the mental health problems and through preservation of the cultural and tradition causes the use of drugs and alcohol all over the world. Drugs of various kinds are medicinal product produced for the medical purposes which people misuse it and take it in the side of disadvantages and for the alcohol, it is largely consumed causing lots of miscellaneous crises in society and environment. It’s not just teenage or adult, men or women, large numbers of the people from various parts of the country or widely as world abuse drugs and alcohol. People often use drugs and consume alcohol occasionally thinking that there is no harm if used wisely. Yes, knowing the limit and using wisely might have less effect on physical and psychological dependency but as a human, most of the people thought like that and gets addicted. So, this essay basically is about the negative impacts of the drugs and alcohol.

Drugs and alcohol have a lot of negative impacts on social community. The main reason for the gang fights in the evening or during day time is the use of drugs or the consumption of the alcohol. The use of drugs and alcohol amplifies a person’s violent behaviour. According to Livingston (2011) “Global Burden of Disease project estimated that alcohol-attributable violence accounted for 248,000 deaths annually worldwide”. Through violence deaths occur and the family members of the deceased suffer emotional conflict and resents the society. The peace in community will never be stabilized if the violence occurs through the drugs and alcohol. Noise pollution through use of drugs and alcohol is one of the continuous crises which disturb the community. Fights among the families are also common via use of drugs and alcohol. Teenagers are the future of the world as a whole but having teenagers getting addicted to drugs and consuming alcohol makes the future of the society weak resulting the less effectiveness of human resource.

Addiction to narcotic drugs and alcohol has a great effect on family stability and financial status of the family. The children of the parent who are addicted to alcohol are more likely to become alcoholic than the children of the parent who are not addicted to alcohol and drugs. Some children of the alcoholic parents are likely to get depression and anxiety which will hamper their social, mental and physical growth. Alcohol consumption is affecting relationship between the couples. Trust, faith and loyalty are required in relationship. But, such basic values needed in functioning the relationship are degrading nowadays. Degradation of such values is mainly due to alcohol and drugs. Alcohol and drugs consumption are said to effect individual’s nervous system. Individuals are likely to have sex with multiple partner when affected with drugs. Such unorthodox behaviour is likely to create problems in the family.

Divorce cases are likely to occur in the family where one of the couple is alcohol and drugs addicted. Instability between the parent’s relationship is going to have a diverse effect on children overall performance in academic and other activities. Which will not only push them to difficult situation but also they are going to develop gloomy future for themselves by indulging themselves in unhealthy activities. Alcohol and drugs addiction itself is a disease which affects many people in the world. It is a virus that affects individual’s financial status. Many people go bankrupt due to alcohol and drugs addiction. There are cases reported stating alcoholic person losing their job and property while fulfilling their addiction. Losing their job will create a financial instability. Individuals are not able to fulfill the basic needs of their children like supporting their education and health. They even lose their children and family love and support. While left alone with such addiction will even take away their own life. Alcoholic parents are not able to support their children financially. They are not able to give proper food, clothing and shelter to their children due to lack of money. This will create a very bad environment for children to exist in the society. Many will look down upon them in the community. They are likely get left out in a social circle, affecting their social skill badly.

Alcohol and drugs addiction plays a vital role in affecting individual’s health. If the individuals are addicted to drugs and alcohol, it is sure that person will have a poor health. Over consumption of the alcohol is going to affect individual’s brain. They are likely to forget things and talk nonsense in front of the people. Feeling dizzy and vomiting is some of the short term effect of alcohol consumption. It is not only unhealthy outcome but it is disturbing to the people living in the society. It gives people of the community unhealthy and bad perception about the person. Long term consumption of the drugs and alcohol will have effects on individual’s vital organs. They are sure to develop liver and stomach cancer. This will have great impact on the happiness of the individual’s family. Alcohol and drugs addicted person usually die dangerous death at last. They die with vital organ disorder or some may even die due to over dose of the drugs. Which is a fatal death when imagined by other people. Some even die in hospital leaving huge amount of due in the hospital. Which is going to affects other family member’s financial status. So, alcohol and drugs are never to be tried and tested considering their vital negative effects on us, for they are the enemy of our long term happiness.

But some of the addicted to drugs and alcohol claims that drinking alcohol on stressful day relieves their stress and helps them avoiding the thought about those problems they have gone through and let them take rest peacefully. They also say that it helps them in sharing their problems with their friends and peers. Such claims are not true since drugs and alcohol only gives us temporary relief from stress. In long term it will lead to depression as people often become too much dependent on it. The addicted person will not have confidence to cope up with their stress in real life situations. Also abusing drugs and alcohol is just an escape from stress and if we face the stressful situations head on that will be much better to relief from stresses. For instance, the effect of the alcohol can be like when people have a grudge on someone but they couldn’t do something or tell them something, they go for a drink or to consume drugs to boost their confidence due to lack of confidence in real self. At fast their intentions may not be hurting others or does something but it might just be minor cases but because of drug and alcohol’s boost of confidence, they end up hurting others who offended them.

“First you take a drink, then the drink takes a drink, then the drink takes you”. Likewise trying we do as a human natural desire, but trying takes us away to the other point of the life where we never expected to be there when we finally realize and open the wide eyes. So, what if we never take time to misuse and try those which is harmful to our self. If trying is not done at first hand, then there will never be a problem or regrets at the end. Health should be taken care by us only, no one will be able to take care of health. And society is where we live in, never let other people make bad perception of us through our own doings. Never abuse drugs and consume alcohol instead drink water and eat healthy.

10 October 2020
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