The Perfect Memory Of My Life

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We are often asked about our best memories from life to be shared among friends so we can smile and have a good time together. When we are prepared and recollect the fun times we had we only get a few chunks collected from a year or back and we have nothing to share or maybe few.

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I don’t know if we don’t want to recall the childhood memories or it just fades away after a time but mine one doesn’t. I remember each and everything about my perfect memory. It’s with my family on my 10th birthday.

On a fine day of September 2006, I remember thinking it would be a normal celebration among us family with a cake cutting after dinner so I do my chores, finished my homework to be completely free for the family time when my mother told me about going out. I wore casual attire that my mother provided and my father came to pick us up. We locked the house went out and I was looking for our ride thinking about a beautiful horse cart right in front of my eyes when my dad came forward picked me up and placed me up on the cart.

I was confused taken aback. The emotions were mixed up inside me. “It’s our ride” the only worlds my father said and smiled. Still in shock sitting on a seat the ride started and I finally absorbed what was happening. It was a wish that I shared with my father years back and he fulfilled it.

Our destination was Karachi’s sea view where we spend a little time. Enjoyed our dinner in a nearby restaurant and finally cut my birthday cake and came back home in a same cart. That was the first and only ride till now that I enjoyed a lot.

When we grow up us girls often think about a prince charming on a horse coming only for us on that day my Father made me a princess who can do anything with her King being around and this moment became a Perfect memory for me which I always cherish because it was so simple yet so beautiful and amazing that I cannot forget.

Although the perfect memory wasn’t present there before. It was created for me to make me happy. We all are living and day by day hardships and problems are making us grow; use our brain and energy only for work which gives us no time for having these perfect memories. We should take some time for the family and friends take a moment and make it perfect for it to turn out as perfect memory like we do when taking a group selfie.

15 April 2020

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