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The Prevalence Of Drunk Driving Amongst The Young And Future 

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In 2016 alone, a total of 2,433 teens under the age of 16-19 were fatally killed in a drunk driving incident. This statistics has slowly lowered in the last couple of years as more and more private organizations and government agencies seek lawful means to implement robust policies and provide young teens and adults with the means to cope with their alcohol problems.

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In the last couple of years, drunk driving amongst high school students has slowly declined due to the nation’s campaign and the magnitude of law enforcement in place. According to Drunk Driving Statistics, fatalities caused by drunk driving has lessened by 31% and the number of casualties under 21 has rapidly decreased to about 65%. This result continues to be consistent since 1991 where alcohol consumption amongst the general population has gone down to 53%.

Binge drinking among young adults, aged 21 to 25, also dramatically decreased by 38% in recent years. These statistics are good news. However, alcohol addiction still reigns among the top problems being faced by the government as it affects roughly eight percent of the American population.

Factors that Contribute to the Decline of Drunk Driving and Alcoholism

The steady decline of drunk driving among young adults is generally attributed to stricter enforcement of the underage drinking law and several other factors including the contribution of extensive information campaigns utilized by local governments. Strict licensing laws for young drivers are also being implemented on a national and state level.

Although this can be seen as good news, some areas need improvement to help the general population stay away from alcohol and driving. Decrease of incidents significantly lowered among the younger generation, while there was a slight increase among young adults starting the age of twenty-one.

Information campaigns have been useful allies for most organizations who seek to combat untimely deaths caused by DUI incidents. Along with government initiatives, this has contributed to the slow decline of impaired driving among teens and young adults.

The Legalization of Substances and Future Problems with Drugged and Drunk Driving

The combination of drugs, alcohol, and driving pose one of the biggest threats recently as drugged driving is slowly becoming more prevalent not just among young adults but the general population. States who have moved to legalize the use of some substances might see an increase of incidents involving the use and the deadly combination of both alcohol and driving.

While laws regarding these legalized substances are still in its infancy, DUI laws have ripened over the decades. Creating laws that encompass both drunk driving and the use of legalized substances is far from being ascertained by law enforcement and its governing bodies. This might be another danger in the years to come as the younger generation might see every opportunity to bypass existing guidelines.

Moreover, working on education and the betterment of the teen and young adults can be the best ally for alleviating untoward fatalities caused by the combination of drunk driving and drugged driving. Starting to make children informed will not only contribute to a better population but a more responsible one.

Bettering the Country with Treatment Centers Focused on Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Catching alcohol abuse is the best way to prevent addiction from occurring. Young adults who can get sustainable support from treatment facilities are more likely to blossom into adulthood without suffering from a significant relapse. Because behavior and thought processes are corrected, they can quickly develop coping strategies to prevent a relapse from happening.

Peer support and a sober environment always contribute to the betterment of a young mind. While national statistics are becoming more favorable, it is an inevitable fact that there still exists some cases where teens and young adults are grappled with their alcohol addiction. Drunk driving poses the biggest threat to their lives and something that can be quickly addressed with the right alcohol treatment processes, motivation, and support.

07 September 2020

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