The Problem Of Arms Proliferation Among Americans

Cheaper to keep guns and makes more money manufacturing and selling them: US citizens in 2010 were losing over $500 every year due to incidents and damages caused by guns, the government lost over $5 billion in tax revenue to unneeded court cases and medicare costs, YOUR tax dollars that could be used for schools for the children, to buy food for the poor and homeless, to fix infrastructure in your cities, that speedbump that scrapes the bottom of your car as you pass over it every day could all be fixed. Guns are costing everyone money that could be spent on other projects or used for the betterment of society.

This takes power away from the people, the government is becoming more powerful and people are NOT free: In a poll taken by Quinnipiac University, “97% of American Voters and 97% of gun owners support universal background checks” as well as “67% support[ing] a nationwide ban on assault weapons” people support more control surrounding guns, the constitution allows citizens the right to bear arms in a time where muskets were leading technology however now guns have become increasingly deadly. A musket shoots approximately 3 rounds a minute, Stephen Paddock, I am sure you can recall as the horrendous Las Vegas Shooter fired 90 bullets in 10 seconds that is 9 bullets a second, effectively shooting 540 rounds a minute that is 180 times more than back then. These guns that are being developed are not for personal defense, they are used for murder and crimes. No reasoning would be enough to justify the want to keep around instruments of death.

Against your right to bear arms: Again the second amendment was created back when a militia was a necessary part of the continuation of America, when we were still getting over the Revolutionary War against Britain, scrimmages with Native American’s were very common and guns were a big part of life. Now, however, guns have been advanced to AR-15s, semi-automatic rifles that the general public has no need for. The 1700-1800s were full of strife and no development, people lived tens to hundreds of miles from the closest source of people, they needed guns to survive the harsh environment, now however with the exemption of forests and parks etc. the majority of America has been developed and there is no longer any need for people to own a AR-15. Smaller firearms may be kept as protection inside homes.

What to do if most of the population does not need AR-15s but some people are reliant on them: Hunting has been both a sport and a necessity for as long as America has been alive for. However, the number of hunters has dropped as farming and trade now dominates the marketplace for food and resources. 2011 survey done by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service shows that just 6% of Americans participated in hunting, just 13 million people played a part in hunting for sport. Yes, some Americans living in deep wilderness such as Alaska require a rifle to hunt for survival and that should be allowed to continue as long as a permit and background checks are proceeded beforehand. These rifles should always stay OUTSIDE of massively populated areas such as cities and towns.

03 December 2019
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