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The Problem Of Peer Pressure In High School

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How would you feel if you were controlled by people or a certain group? Would you do something that you don’t want, like smoking, drugs, and drinking alcohol? Let me inform you that you are damaging yourself as an individual, and making others control you as if you are a game or a puppet by causing you to do things that can damage or mischief you on the long-term.

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As high school student, I am presented to such things consistently. Peer pressure fundamentally starts as a test. Bad friends will request that you deal drugs or smoke, with a trade of join their group, or else you can’t be a piece of the gathering. Once in a while, they let you know that when you drink liquor, you feel a glad sensation, and have a relaxing moment. Yet, is this all obvious? Will you have a progressively pleasant time in the event that you feel a cheerful sensation, while when you can utilize your brain?

Unfortunately, many seniors fall for this trap. They fear that they will be lonely and separated from everyone else if they dismiss their bad peers’ offer. Others may think that they are going to die or fail because of their frail social position. Accordingly, they go on and acknowledge this offer and turn into someone else, and they lose or shroud their actual character. Peer pressure happens all over the place and whenever, however particularly during high school time.

Luckily, for every disease there is a cure, and peer pressure can be cured by following these solutions. To start with, focus on how you feel. In the event that something doesn’t feel right, then quite directly. Second, Plan ahead, consider how you will react in various circumstances, you can say or do what you need. Likewise, talk with an individual who is pressuring, let the person know about your true feelings and tell him to stop Most importantly, have unique or hidden communicating system with your parents or guardians. Something you can say or send as a test message to your parents that tell them you have to escape from a certain situation. Furthermore, give a reason. You can easily say ‘no’ without expecting to apologize or give a clarification, yet it might make it simpler to say “no” if you already have a valid excuse.

Finally, Peer pressure is an ongoing problem with high school students. If you are feeling pressurized always follow one of the solutions given. Ultimately, safety is the number one priority, and going away from peer pressure is one important step in the process.

01 February 2021

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