The Race For Governor: Brian Kemp And Stacey Abrams

A historic competition between candidates Brian Kemp and Stacey Abrams is being held in the state of Georgia. Kemp belongs to the Republican party, while Abrams belongs to the Democratic party. If Abrams wins she will be the first elected African American woman to serve as Georgia’s Governor. Voting will be held on November 6, 2018. The American people will choose which candidate is right for Georgia.

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Brian Kemp has an outstanding background in political experience. He was in the State Senate, where he cut taxes, worked vigorously to lower regulations, and prioritized public safety. As Secretary of State he smoothed out the government, defended the elections, and fought for the people’s values. Kemps advertising is ardent and assertive. In his ads, “Jake” and “So Conservative,” he is enthusiastic and passionate about things such as, cutting government spending, focusing on illegal immigration, and protecting the second amendment. His focus is on the rural communities. He wants to benefit the hard-working Georgians.

Kemp has a strong structure set up to benefit education reform. This reform is focused on early childhood education, specifically for children in their pre-school years. The program includes pay raises for teachers, local control, including schoolboard and administrators, and school choice or open enrollment options for parents. Also including a reduction in mandates, paperwork for educators, and putting students ahead of the status quo. Kemp’s plan for education reform is strong and provides a clear-cut plan to help education thrive in Georgia.

Abrams has a colorful and historical background in political experience. She was the first African American to lead in the House of Representatives. While acting as House Minority Leader, she did things as such as, electing other Democrats to try and prevent a Republican supermajority in the House and working to benefit all the people of Georgia. Abrams also worked hard trying to stop the increase of taxes on the poor and middle-class people. She uses a diplomatic and appreciative tone in her advertising methods.

In her ad, “We Believe,” Abrams strives to reach the children and the lower-class people. Her focus is on the urban, inner city communities. She is tactful and informative in her speeches and is open to questions. Abrams plan for education reform includes affordable child care through the Bold Start Scholarship Program, fully funded public schools, giving educators the resources they need to teach, and respecting the different needs each student needs to succeed. Furthermore, Abrams also includes, focusing on making schools safe, while also focusing on child mental-health services. She wants to include debt-free graduation at every level through expanded HOPE, tuition-free technical college, and need-based financial aid. Lastly, Abrams wants to build opportunities for youth civic engagement and summer employment through Governors youth council. The negatives to Abrams plan is that she fails to tell the people how this will directly increase their taxes.

Both Kemp and Abrams, have political experience and offer education reform. Brian Kemp’s plan for education reform offers benefits to students, teachers, and educators across the board. Abram’s plan focuses more on the students, not the teachers. Even though both candidates offer education reform, Kemp’s plan is more in depth and will cost the tax payers drastically less than Abram’s plan. People of Georgia need to consider the pros and cons of each candidate before putting in their vote.

11 February 2020

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