The Race I Never Signed Up For

It was a hundred meters dash which indicated that the race was a sprint and required some seconds or few minutes to be over. I heard the whistle blew but my body refused to move. I was in this contest out of my own will and volition. I mean, who set me up for this? For one, I don’t like running so, why did my parents deem it fit to sign me up?

According to dad, he said that I was their only child without a known and specified gift. Before now, they had signed me up for other competitions in dancing, music, drama etc all in which I failed so, they decided to try the athletic world. The funny thing is that I was only informed me about this drastic decision yesterday. My father is the kind of person who believes that a man’s gift will pave a way for him. I don’t know if he is actually right though cause since I have known him, I’ve always seen him as a teacher. Please, if being a teacher is not a profession, then, what is it?Must I have a gift to succeed in life? Anyways, like I said, the race began but my body was static. Now, take a pause and imagine this. In a race of barely a few seconds, what will be the fate of one who didn’t even move? You don’t expect such a one to win right? Well, neither do I. So, in less than no time, I heard the final whistle and was glad to have had that part of my life over only to discover that people were hugging me, some were even strangling me in an attempt to offer a bare hug. I felt as if my mum gave me a peck on my forehead while my dad wrapped me up in his large arm. I am not sure of what I saw but I can bet on my two kidney’s that it was a watery substance that found an escape route from daddy’s eyes. Why was he crying? Why was everyone rushing to see me?

I heard someone clear a throat and people paved a way for him. I was of the opinion that the president himself just made a grand entrance. But, instead of seeing Mr President, I saw a man draped in white; he had a fixed smile on his face, one I couldn’t decipher if it was fake or otherwise. This man stretched out his right hand and clasped it in mine in an effort to give me a handshake that turned out to be very clumsy as my fragile hands couldn’t hold his firm grip. I heard him utter the word congratulations to my parents and since the attempted handshake between us turned out sore, he opted for a hug when he made to leave; a hug which by the way was one sided as I was transfixed in a static position. It’s been over two decades since that experience but each time I remember it, I wonder. I eventually came to understand some years ago why my parents had to sign me up and the effect my winning had on them.

Oh yes, I won that race without any effort of mine. I won that race through a process called the mind and self-will. I was only a small sperm cell then and had barely few seconds to run to an ovary and eventually be transformed into a baby. It was either that or instant death. I didn’t intentionally move cause it wasn’t a thing that sperm cells did. They just moved with a will and a strength to win and become. I am a product of that one sperm cell that raced with 300 million other sperm cells.

Today, I am a young lady with a growing business in writing as well as in the teaching of foreign languages. However, the race I run today is not the type that is won with the will alone. Yes, that is also important but, I must add something else to it, it is called intentionality. I must be intentional in my race. I must know why I am in it and why I must win. I must know what to do and how to do it I must be deliberate, I must consciously choose my company and my words. I must consciously and deliberately plan a winning strategy I must willingly work with that plan until it becomes a reality. I must work out my winning with intentionality. The race of life is against millions of souls who wake up every day with a plan to succeed but those that actually become successful only become when they choose to be intentional.

What is your choice? As for me, I am intentional. You can join me in being intentional too as being intentional turns you into an international being in the long run. The ball is in your court. Choose wisely.

18 March 2020
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