The Reasons I Chose Fleming College To Study Information Technology

Being chosen by the well distinguished and prestigious Fleming College also known as the Sir Sandford Fleming College, has been my greatest triumph so far and it brings me nothing but delight and gratification since I finally earned the chance to take my higher education on the soil of Canada. I might not have been very consistent in my early days about my choices of countries where I would want to pursue my education. However, with intensive research in the internet during the last few years and taking thorough advice from Canadian alumni association, I was able to choose Canada which perfectly fits into all of my desired aspects. Firstly, from an educational aspect, Canada is the world’s most educated country and has some famous universities and colleges which are placed on the top rank around the globe and render more than 10, 000 undergraduate and graduate degree programs including a massive field for research and this will tremendously add benefit to my field of study which is the wireless information networking (WIN), a certificate program (2 year/4 semester).

It is also full time program. The second aspect is the location where Fleming College is situated, which owns a very friendly neighborhood and the other ethnic societies are also very popularly known to be amiable and I certainly can’t wait to have a taste of such diversified culture there. Last but not least, the geographic beauty and the political solidity of the country which are exceptional in their own way. Having the longest coastal area around, mountainous areas, lakes along with an environment which stays violence free all the year round will be a great comfort to stay persistently focused on my objectives.

On the emergence of the IT sector of wireless communication, the ‘Wireless information networking’ has been the root of exploration, development and innovation and I believe that we are not even close to have explored the gigantic world of such technological phenomenon. Therefore, I intent to put forth my contributions onto this field through proper materials and facilities which Fleming College can provide me. It is important to know that it’s now beyond my intention to just merely further my studies and rather it is to burgeoning my knowledge area for the sake of the future of wireless technology and how it can aid to different kinds of applications such as data processing, monitoring and surveillance in both civilian and military areas, commercial process control or information forecasting. I also had my thesis conducted on IoT (Internet of Things) part of Wireless information Networking during my completion of BSC. So, it has turned into more of a passion than just an opportunity to earn my wages. Not to mention that the course itself in nature very interesting and worth analyzing I believe. The sole reason for not pursuing such course here in my state is because Bangladesh is still struggling as a middle income country and although the notion of IT sector was recognized back in 1997, the country still hasn’t gone so far as to achieving great advantage point in its infrastructure and energy sectors which hinders the growth of heavy industries of electronics, nuclear plants and automobiles where wireless info processing has a significant role to play.

Besides, one of the biggest reasons behind such drawback is our higher education system in IT courses. Apart from a very few, two or three universities like BRAC or IUT, there is no scope of pursuing this course let alone researching on it and I’ll not even be supplied with what I will be needing to extensively make my debut on this field. Contrariwise, Fleming College comprises of several branches of this course such as embedded wireless sensor network programming, data mining, cloud computing and so on. And with the help of the field expert faculties and other experienced personnel and their spontaneous lectures, demonstrations, implication practices and field trips will create a very favorable learning atmosphere for me undoubtedly. Interestingly, I already have an experience serving as a network Engineer in an IT firm in my country called IngeniumBD. In here, I realized how much I enjoy working with wireless networking and my effort was all over rigorous which trained me to handle and innovate crucial networking compartments such as processing the network security algorithms or shell scripting and so on.

Besides this, I have gathered that after finishing my course in Fleming College, I’ll have promising career opportunities in wireless service providers, broadband and mobile communication when I will be returning back to my homeland. It is very noteworthy that I am the only son in my family and my father is a well-established business person in our country. He has sufficient tangible and intangible asset to bear my expenses. We currently live in Dhaka city in our own house. However, he’s now in his elderly age and for that reason he is no more as efficient and prompt as he used to be. Since business is a very tough thing to maintain and one needs a young and fresh mind to operate it in order to flourish. Hence, I have no other choice but to return to my country after finishing my studies here not only for the sake of taking care of my family business but also for my kinship with my family. It is also important to mention that my family business will not be the center of my focus and it will only be like a side job along with my actual interest in IT sector.

I have completed my Secondary School Certificate from the College of Development in 2010, my higher secondary certificate also from the same institute in 2012. It is situated in Dhanmondi, Dhaka. After completing my HSC, I have admitted into Daffodil International University for pursuing my B. S. C degree & it was ended on 10th October 2017. Studying overseas is like an untouchable dream come true for a young Bangladeshi student such as myself and after a period of my constant determination, hard work and prayer, Fleming College has opened the threshold for me towards endless opportunities and therefore, I’m ever grateful to you and such amazing institution for recognizing my effort.

15 April 2020
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