The Rising Problem Of Animal Cruelty In Modern World

The world is an extremely wicked place, people suffer daily and inflict that hurt and pain onto innocent animals who can't defend themselves. Thousands of animals are either brutally hurt or killed by the hands of people for entertainment, food industries, sexual pleasures, and because of their uncontrollable emotions. Animal abusers are in fact five times more likely to hurt individuals after they have harmed animals.

A recent study in 2013 shows that 43% of those who committed school massacres also committed acts of cruelty to animals and violence towards humans. This also includes but not limited to; child abuse, domestic violence and other violent behavior. Ample researchers show that there is a direct connection, and a fine line between the link of hurting animals and hurting people (“Animal Cruelty and Domestic Violence”). Unfortunately, violence begets violence. When there is animal cruelty or neglect in a home, chances are that children, partners or elderly family members are being hurt too. When animals are abused, people are at risk: when people are abused, animals are at risk. Household pets become pawns in the game of power and control that batterers use to force and humiliate their victims. Over 71% of battered women reported that their batterers had harmed, killed or threatened animals to push, control and humiliate them. Pets may be beaten, killed, or sent to animal shelters to be euthanized as ways to intimidate victims. Batterers have been reported to force domestic violence victims to engage in bestiality as an additional form of humiliation. While victims frequently excuse their batterers’ actions upon themselves, they may find it harder to ignore acts of violence against animals.

The chicken industry is racked with acts of unnecessary cruelty towards chickens. To begin with, the chickens are put in an inhumane lifestyle before they are slaughtered for human consumption. The birds are forced to breathe in ammonia and feces. Because the birds are forced to breathe ammonia and particulate matter from feces and feathers all day long, many suffer from serious health problems, including chronic respiratory illnesses and bacterial infections. The extremely high prevalence of dangerous contaminants in chicken flesh is largely from the filthy conditions in the sheds where the birds are raised. They are killed at the age of six weeks, weighing approximately four pounds. At this point, they are essentially still chicks. The vast majority of these animals spend their lives in total confinement—from the moment they hatch until the day they are killed. When these birds are very young just about one to ten days old to a portion of their sensitive beaks are cut off so that they won’t peck each other out of the frustration caused by intense confinement. The chicks are fed “growth promoters” to help boost their growth quicker to be killed in time for the slaughter house. (“The Chicken Industry”).

Animals in England are constantly being abused by the owners and strangers. In 2010, a black-and-white cat named Roxy was placed into a microwave oven for ten seconds and emerged from it smoking. She was then shoved into a laundry dryer, yanked out of it, and dunked into a bowl of water. It was all filmed on a mobile phone by two teenage boys and a middle-aged man.

10 October 2020
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