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The Role Of Education Of Our World

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Why is the World we live in so harsh for some but just grand for others ? The biggest impact is because of the Education we get and how much we get of it . Education plays a major part in our everyday life and people just don’t realize it . If the Government would Increase the cost and make some of the education free then we wouldn’t have as many people unemployed without jobs. I understand that some stuff can not be free , but I do think that it can be lowered to a cheaper price so individuals with lower income can still go out and get a education just like the high class individuals . Statistics have said that In april 2018 The unemployment rate with a bachelor degree is 2.1%. Also Statistics have said the the unemployment rate with just a highschool diploma is 4.3%. So, with the statics we have I don’t understand why we are not thinking and trying to come up with ways to help make education free and some of it cheaper .

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In my view and my knowledge I think we could come up with programs other financial aid or scholarships to help out who need money to get into college or just finish High School then when High School is complete help then get into college or maybe get a good paying job so they can get into the college they wanna get into . So, In conclusion to that being said I think we need to come together as a whole and find a way to make our education cheaper so that everyone rich and poor has a opportunity to go to college and get a good education and actually be able to make something of themselves .

Who would have thought Education would have an effect on Crime Rate . Well , in today’s world it has a major impact on people . The reason that it has a major impact is because people will start high school and then graduate and when it gets time for college they have no money to go and pay for schooling so they have to drop out and get a job and then some people get depressed and some get a job and it doesn’t bother them . But, when some people get depressed and feel like they are not good enough that is when the Crime Rate starts increasing and the succeeding rate starts decreasing . Statics have said that for every 1 % increase of unemployment will increase the violent crime rate by 31.00% . My Opinion on Free or Cheaper education is that in today’s world a lot of people face adversity and have hardships in there life and when it comes to their schooling and making something of themselves they can not do it or its hard for them to do it . So , I feel like we should come up with a plan or some type of funding for the ones with Adversity , depression , or just family hardships and help them to be able to go to college and be something of themselves .

In my opinion in the world we live in today so many people are put on a high pedestal to where they think they are better than everyone else and are too good to help other they don’t even realize that there are people in this world that are struggling, So , I think it’s time for everyone to come down a few noches from the Pedestal they are on and start helping other so we can get Crime rate lowered and also help everyone get a good education and help them make something of themselves . Because , there are people in this world who want to be like us and want to be successful and all it would take is for a few people to come together and come up with a plan or program to help out the needy and make them be successful . As Bob Wise once said “Improving the nation’s high schools and engaging students will not only save the nations dollars , it will save student’s futures” says Gov, Bob Wise .

How will Free Education help our Nation be more successful . It will help us become more successful because the ones with not much money, really poor or have family issues could go to school and get a degree and make one day become successful and make themselves better than they were before . I feel like if we as a nation come together and make a plan or slogans and make it noticeable that our nation is only getting worse more people will step in and help out our nation and make it better . In September 2015 Statics have said that 1.3 million students drop out of high school every year . That is a very large number because with that many dropout leave them a 90 % chance of not getting a job and only a 10% percent chance of getting a job .

The world in which we live is only getting worse day by day because people are dropping out, quitting job , and not being successful because of one little thing Money . Money plays a major role in our society today and that is why we don’t have many successful people is because of the lack of money they have . Some people may be loaded with money and some may have 3 and 4 jobs to just get by day to day and other have it made . I think the ones that have it made could help step up and help out the needy or come up with a system to help pay for people’s college so they can be more successful and be like us and help us make this world a better place .

In Conclusion to this I come to say that the world we live in is falling apart and it is happening quicker than we think . So we as American citizens need to open our eyes and realize what is happening in today’s world . We are having Crime happening over education , We are having mega drops and also unemployment going on . I feel we need to step up and help get this country straighten out quick so we can have a successful place to live,work ,and sleep and not have to worry about money and also not being able to get a job . So, it’s time to realize America we are crashing.

11 February 2020

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