The Sad Truth Of Criminal Rehabilitation In America

Tell me the truth. Are you a ‘perfect’ human being? Have you never broke any rules? Never bent the law? Are you one hundred percent innocent? If you said yes, you are a liar. This is a huge world where control is key, and the law is the upmost definition of control where we base all our lives around. The power we follow. But as there are seven billion unique people around the globe, with different perspectives of power, it’s obvious that rules will be broken. It’s a fact that people will rebel against control and disturb the ongoing structured routine of life, the status quo. So, where do we put these anarchic barriers of society? Let’s bunch all of them in cages, like the animals they are. Let’s treat them lower than us, as none of us have ever made a mistake. Are they trying to change and become good citizens? Ha, don’t make me laugh. Change is impossible. Do they have mental issues? Oh well. You know what? Let’s label these disruptive personas as scum and make sure it sticks to them for life. I’m sorry, but this is the sad truth about our prison system, and overall social monarchy. We must stop this. Reveal the secrets. We must redefine our views of ‘Justice’ and serve it for the greater good.

There is an ongoing cycle hidden from us. A facade for injustice. The prison system. We treat criminals like dirt. Sure, not everyone is a good person, but we should be able to treat everyone the same. Instead, we throw them in cells, degrade them and make them live like animals, which unfortunately is seen as justice. Yet when they finally leave the prison, they either come out the same or even worse than before. Continuous studies and statistics show this: a huge 76% of ex-cons return to prison within 5 years in the US. That is basically 3 in every 4 prisoners. This stat is unacceptable yet no one seems to be trying to change anything. Also, more people have been committing crime. In fact, the incarceration rate has worryingly increased drastically over the years, increasing by 500% over the last 40 years. That’s 2. 2 Million prisoners in the US alone. Also, in the UK, it has increased by 400%. In this present time, we currently the highest incarceration rate than ever before. And the prisons are not helping either. Right here in the UK, their are accounts of mistreatment. We see this in Birmingham HM prison, where the government had to take control as the prisons condition was cruel, careless and callous. Even, convicts were fearful to go out their cell, and riots were a constant occurrence. Sadly, three prisoners committed suicide in a time of 18 months because of the dreadful condition. People just like us, suffering for their mistakes. We all must pay our debts, some more then others, but in the end we all owe something. We all have stories. No studies or statistics are needed to prove this. Its just life, and who we are. But it’s no fairy tale, and doesn't always have a happy ending. Their is no choice in it, no straight forward plan, or rewind button.

And, we all make mistakes. Big and small. Their is no such thing as a perfectlife, with no regrets. People say our choices defines who we are, but our choices are defined by our past. And the past isn't always good. Their are stories of prisoners that will shock you and make you think of how lucky you are, and how unfortunate they are. Ben Gunn was a good boy in his childhood, but that sadly ended. Ben's mum sadly passed away when he was nine, so he was put in care. Filled with sadness, distraught and anger, Ben ran away from care with a friend and escaped confinement. Yet one dreadful day in 1980, he accidentally killed his friend. He was only 14. Just recently released, Ben reflected and regret everything he had done. His life wasted. Many school shooters, serial killers, psychopaths and criminals have had terrible upbringings, and with so much anger towards society rising in them, unleash these feelings in evil ways. I do not have sympathy or support the disgusting things they do, but in their state of mind, no matter how malevolent, its an act of revenge. The only way. We have no idea what someone has gone through so we must treat everyone equally. Studies show that people with a hard upbringing had a higher chance of being incarcerated. 59% of prisoners were excluded from society, 41% having problems at home, and 29% taken into care. This is why psychological rehabilitation is a necessity at prisons. They shouldn’t mistreat these prisoners or torture them. In one story, a prisoner was tased while wet, which ended in fatal results. He rock back and fourth for 2 days straight, naked. This is plain torture and must be stopped. Even though criminals aren’t the best humans; they deserve to be treated like the rest of us. Additionally, prisons need to improve and find better solutions to this criminal crisis. Especially with the money that are getting. In America alone, they spend a mind blowing 80 Billion Dollars on prison. Even with this eye opening amount, it’s all being wasted as nothing is improving. Studies show that the incarceration rate is increasing (see previous), and more money is being used.

15 April 2020
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