The Secret Letter That Daisy Reads The Night Before She Marries Tom Buchanan

The night before Daisy marries Tom Buchanan, she reads a letter that written by Jay Gatsby who really loved Daisy but at that time Gatsby was in the war. In this letter, Gatsby that he was a poor boy, expresses his true feelings and love to Daisy and asks her to wait for him as long as he makes progress and become a rich man and this reflects that Gatsby is a hopeful person. This letter is full of Gatsby's beautiful emotions while Daisy read the letter, she said I don't want to marry Tom Buchanan but the destiny was that this marriage would happen. The gatsby's secret letter was as follows.

Dear Daisy, I hope you are good and I miss you very much. I always think of you and during this time, when we were far from each other, I felt you in my heart, and you were at my side in all these moments. I may not be able to express my true feelings in these words, but I want you to know that I love you wholeheartedly. I felt that we were married together but suddenly this beautiful and magnificent dream turned into a sad fact, and I noticed your marriage with a wealthy man called Tom Buchanan. I decided to do some things after hearing this news. Therefore, after the war, I can not come back to the house and be with you and I want to ask you to wait for me and for the true love that has formed between us as long as I can become a great and rich man. When I become rich I will be equal to him and I can turn all your wishes into reality and I want you to understand that all this is just for you. I wish I could stop the time to reach my goal, which is the only reason my goal is your happiness. Although I know waiting for a poor and normal boy Who is not raised in a noble family is like an unreachable dream but you must consider that love between us was not like all other passing and normal love, while our love was a real and deep love, full of kindness and hope. Our love was like a solid wall that nobody could destroy it, An inseparable love that everyone deserved to achieve such a love.

My only wish is your happiness. I wish you the best and I respect your decision, so I hope your new life, which is taking shape, be better and happier than when you were with me. Keep this in mind that you have always been in my heart and will remain in my heart forever, and the memories I've had with you, including the first day that I saw you at a party and all the beautiful memories that I had with you, will all remain in my mind. I can never forget your beautiful and white face that was like a pearl and your eyes that I grasped true love by seeing your eyes. You were a constant love for me, and I hope that we will come together again. I do not say goodbye to you because I know that this is not an end to us. Yours sincerely,Jay Gatsby

18 May 2020
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