The Significance of Public Confidence in Nursing

This essay will explain the importance of public confidence and professionalism within adult nursing and how the history of nursing can help us today. The essay will also include how values-based nursing is linked to professionalism and how it can help promote public trust within adult nursing.

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Public confidence is important in adult nursing as it ensures that the public have trust within their health care professional, and that they overall trust them to provide the best possible care. Not only this but they also trust their health care professional such as an adult nurse to keep their personal information confidential, as patients are vulnerable and if this information is breached this could put the patient at risk. Public confidence is also important as it allows there to be a sense of trust which is important between a patient and a nurse. The Code (NMC 2018)

The NHS is currently under scrutiny due to several reasons, such as the poor care which was provided in the Mid Staffordshire hospital, poor funding in the NHS and the NHS being understaffed Anon (no date). This ultimately leads to nurses working longer hours and performing poorly which further impacts the care that is being provided towards the patient. Due to this there is now a Francis report guideline which is put into place to review, guide and give advice towards the local health care services to help monitor and improve them. Anon (2019)

Professionalism can be understood in many ways, in adult nursing being professional is more than just wearing a uniform and looking the part, it includes acting appropriately in practice. This can be achieved by communicating effectively which will enable others to further understand what’s being said, having the correct attitude towards other such as being non-judgemental and having an overall positive approach whilst working. Adult nurses should also be meaningful in everything that they do as this will show patients that you care about your job and take it seriously. Anon (2019)

Public confidence and professionalism are both linked as without the other you are unable to be a successful adult nurse. If you do not behave in a professional manner, then this can cause the patient to feel uncomfortable and dissatisfied with your care. O’Shea(2012) Patients may not disclose personal information about their care and what they require due to feeling judged which can impact the overall experience and care that is provided towards them.

Over the years nursing has changed drastically, people have reflected and developed the ways that nurses provide their care. Now the importance of sanitation is highlighted and taken seriously in all healthcare settings, things like the handwash procedure are taught and enforced upon all healthcare employees. Janet. M (2015) In previous years there has been an occurrence of gender discrimination due to stereotyping nursing as being a “women’s only” job, now there has been an increase in male nurses. Charis. K (2011) This can help male patients whom may find it personally uncomfortable to be treated by a female nurse, or they could have religious reasons which could restrict them from being treated by a female nurse. Now that there is the option to have a male or a female treat you this allows the patients needs to be met. Technology enhancement has also changed how the care is provided as it allows us to monitor the patient’s health status and allows professionals to provide the best treatment possible for them, which leads to patient satisfaction.  

07 April 2022

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