The Three Most Important Achievements of the Hellenistic Era (330 BCE – 100 CE)

The Hellenistic city was a significant accomplishment in the Hellenistic era. The Hellenistic city was a center of culture with theatres, temples, and libraries. They had authors, educators, poets, artists as well. The Hellenistic city was the primary center of the economy, which made it possible to grow sufficient grain and generate in the landscape around it. 

I feel that the Hellenistic city was a significant accomplishment because it supplied the people with so much. It also enabled there to be possibilities within the Greek culture, and helped individuals enjoy a lot of things to do.

The progress in science was another significant accomplishment in the Hellenistic era. Astronomer Aristarchus was one figure who assisted with the sciences. Aristarchus found that the sun was beyond the earth. He also theorized that the sun revolves around the earth and all the other planets. Mathematician Euclid was another figure who played a part in the sciences. Euclid created an Element of Geometry textbook, which ultimately became the geometry standard. Archimedes was one last figure who helped to play with the sciences in the Hellenistic era. Archimedes was an inventor who produced for the Greek military unique military advances. In addition, he found that the Earth was spherical and calculated a circumference of approximately 24,675 miles.

I believe that science is a significant accomplishment of the Hellenistic era, because each of these figures I have discussed, found and made many advance results that have helped pave the way for what we are using today. Without these figures, we may not understand some of this information without their advances in science.

The progress in medicine is another significant accomplishment in the Hellenistic era. One figure that helped with medical advances was Herophilus. He was the first individual to describe the nervous system correctly and differentiated between the two distinct nervous structures, motor and sensory. He also researched the brain and regarded the brain to be the core of intelligence, discerning the cerebrum and the cerebellum. Many citizens also took various routes with medicine on the way they were cured. Some have taken ritual ways or medicinal ways by being prescribed medicine. All wanted to have a healthy life, though, and let them live longer.

Due to the results Herophilus found, they helped tell us about the human body and how components of it operate, which obviously continues to assist us today, which is why I consider medicine and significant achievement in the Hellenist era. Medicine was also essential back in the day to assist individuals to live longer and have healthier lives; just as many individuals see medicine today to assist them.

07 April 2022
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