The Way the Neoclassical Period had an Effect on Civil Wars

The Neoclassical Period, end of the 17th century through much of the 18th century, aided in the formation of today’s society and the Western country. The Declaration of Independence and The English Civil War occurred during the Neoclassical Period. The French Revolution began around the end of the Neoclassical Period. 

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One of the major events during this time period was the writing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776. The American people became skeptic and wondered why there was a need to be ruled by a king of another country. They represented order, that they could have social order without having to be ruled by another country. Another way order was involved is that the people of America felt a sense of commitment to their country, a civic loyalty, and wanted to fight for what was theirs. Through empiricism the American people knew from experience, and not from the writing of the ruling country, that they could run their own country with their own social order. King George III had his own thoughts about social order and that the monarchy and ruling over America was his civil duty. This can be viewed as a neoclassical movement as it represented many of the neoclassical themes such as civil loyalty, order, skepticism, it also proves that the Neoclassical period truly influenced the Western world. Comment by Cheyenne Neal: Consider changing the arrangement of this paragraph. Include this statement toward the end in order to build your argument. Comment by Cheyenne Neal: What themes? Specify

The second major event was during the Neoclassical Period was The English Civil War (1642-1651). This war began when Charles I went against parliament about an Irish insurrection. They fought over who should have the authority to rule the army to defeat the Irish who were rebelling. The Parliament won after the Battle of Naseby. This led to the execution of Charles I. Many battles followed this one throughout the years of the war. Charles II did return to rule as the heir of the throne. Many countries were invaded during this time period, as citizens were drawn to fight for their country as it was their civic duty. This brought great loss to the countries as hundreds of thousands of people died, military and civilians. Many of the deaths represent civic loyalty, as they were willing to die for their country. Comment by Cheyenne Neal: The second major event…Ties everything back into your introductory paragraph Comment by Cheyenne Neal: What Neoclasical themes are seen via this event?

As a result of previous rebellious movements and artistic propaganda, citizens towards the end of the Neoclassical Period began to pick sides in the political sector. The political divide resulted in the French Revolution which inspired many different movements and artworks of the Neoclassical Period. During the time prior to the French Revolution there were the beginnings of many political and governmental changes. People were questioning the idea of a monarchy. This revolution has influenced many countries to rid themselves of a monarchy due to the power of the people. Under King Louis XVI, the country was almost bankrupt. The French had deteriorated their monetary control they once had after they spent so much during the American Revolution. To end the war there was a large governmental change which resulted in France’s first bicameral legislature that was depicted in their new constitution. This type of government was a strong influence of the Western world. 

We can claim that the Neoclassical Period brought out a sense of rebellion and skepticism into society, which played a huge role in movements and the wars fought during this period. 

29 April 2022

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