The Ways We Could Prevent Poaching

Poaching is an enormous problem in the world. There aren’t many ways to fix this problem because there isn’t a way to change the hunters' minds or decrease the demand for the meat, skin, or features from rare animals. The prevention of poaching itself will be a hard fix and poachers don’t understand what they're doing to the environment by killing all of these types of animals. Poachers won’t understand how much harm they're causing to the environment. A way we could start to prevent poaching is by making fundraisers for homes that are secluded for the animals to where hunters can’t kill them. Taking up money for animals will help to build homes and plant trees and the necessities for their survival. We could start fundraisers in many different countries and easily make enough money to build what animals need to survive. The only thing we would need is volunteers to help get the animals to the new home. If we got not even 50% of some of the animals that are being poached into sanctuaries then we could save species. Another way we could prevent poaching is to start making what the hunters are killing them for illegal. Making the product illegal and immediate prison for getting caught poaching I feel would slow down the poaching problem.

I feel the minimum punishment for should be a fine of $10,000 and a year in prison depending on the animal that is poached. Increasing the risk for poaching would make hunters doublethink the consequences of their actions and not want to. As more people start to not want to poach they will find different ways to make money (hopefully for their sake legal ways) that don’t involve killing endangered species. Considering the number of animals that die each year due to poaching there's not really just one thing that could just immediately stop poaching. The only way we as a planet can help is if we all work together to help build sanctuaries. I’m not saying taking animals from their home is easy or even the right thing to do, but leaving them in the wild to get shot and killed is worse than doing nothing. We need to start organizations at schools and in big cities to start raising money and get volunteers for helping animals. Volunteering to help animals would be good for high school kids on their college applications.

01 February 2021
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