Ups And Downs Of Graphic Design In Contemporary World

The world is filled with beauty, charm and elegance. Mankind has evolved through thousands of years and certain people have helped enhance and purify his world. These people are called graphic designers. ‘Graphic Design’ is an art with a purpose. It involves a creative and systematic plan to solve a problem or achieve certain objective, with the use of images, symbols or even words. It is visual communication and the aesthetic expression of concepts and ideas using various graphic elements and tools. A graphic designer is one of the most creative individuals with a sense of design. A freelancer creates new ideas and applies them into pictures, words, logos, etc. He has a variety in the working field, agency, newspapers and many more. As a graphic designer you must be cooperative, creative, stress-less and have a positive criticism. Depending on the project there will be a diversity of duties in this field. This major has had its ups and downs, because of the evolution of technology. Although it is considered that technology is a good thing and a step forward it has negatively impacted the job of a freelancer. It seems that the development of technology has halted and disturbed the job of a graphic designer. In the eyes of a graphic designer technology is a double-edged sword. Technology has given birth to various problems which eliminate the job of a graphic designer through unlimited websites and art applications. These troubles can be avoided as we are about to see in this essay.

Graphic designers play quite an important role in modern society. Advertisements, websites, videos, photos and many other areas of business are greatly affected, by type of graphic design used. This trend is likely to continue especially now, when millions of devices are conquering wider population which results in a decline for the demand of a graphic designers. Let’s take a look at the future and what graphic designers can expect. For the past decade, freelancing websites like Fiverr and sites like 99 designs have caused massive disruption in the graphic design industry. Some of the changes have been good, it’s easy to break into the industry, just make an account and of course Google made it easier than ever to learn how to design. With that said, inexpensive freelancers on Fiverr and similar websites have developed a reputation for providing high quality, often stolen and reworked designs. As a brief overview, Fiverr was launched back in 2010 and has offered a wide range of help concerning multiple designs for very low prices that start at $5 and can ascend all the way to thousands of dollars with Gig Extras. Imagine that other sites are offering the same type of prices with even more designs. This has heavily impacted the industry and resulted in the decline of the use and demand on licensed graphic designers that can without a doubt offer a fair price with the best ever quality. The other major impact is the constant update and birth of other art applications mostly mobile applications that can help anybody on the go. Some of these applications are Astropad Studio, Pixelmator and Pintrest. Although a huge argument can be made that these applications have enhanced the creativity of a graphic designer. It has also disturbed the field, since anyone can learn how to use these applications and enter the field to compete with legit graphic designers. As an example, Pinterest is an application that can increase a person’s creativity and gives huge opportunities to everyone who knows how to use it. The main problem that we’re trying to prove is that everyone has access to these applications which make it harder for the graphic designers to compete with, since the others can give customers and companies a much lower price for their work. The last topic that hurts this field is that newly graduated designers find it hard to work in companies, full time. Companies are now abusing the fact that they can keep on calling newly graduated designers to work for them for free with the excuse that they would like the designer to “gain” experience by working for FREE as an intern. The accumulation of these problems has lead for a specific question being asked. Is there a future for graphic design? Or has it become a dead field? There is a lot that can be done in this field which can enhance the demand on graphic designers. First of all the world is always on a trend, therefore graphic designers should always be up to date with these trends so they grasp it while its still hot. Another way is to combine clever content marketing with graphic design, this way both fields can help each other. There are always new channels to explore in this field and it is so important to search and find those channels. For instance, psychology and buyer behavior now plays a part in graphic design. Many branding experts look at things like the psychology of color, and the impact of shapes to make sure they are conveying the right personality for each client. This means that new disciplines like “responsive” design have emerged in the design world. Other trends are on the rise like simplification, bold and brave colors and brand distillation. Therefore it is crucial for designers to know how to adapt and follow these trends as they grow so they have a better chance of grasping people’s attention. If these solutions are applied by the designers they will surely grow inside this field and help make this field even more creative than it already is.

In a nutshell, graphic designing has seen its highs and its lows, but the important thing isn’t to look at the past but to look at the present and more importantly the future. Companies are now seeing the importance of graphic designers; therefore designers should make the effort of understanding the field and learn how to coop and follow the trends for it is most likely to grab the most attention. This generation is heavily influenced by social media and its trends, so if a designer knows how to take advantage of these trends then he would be highly successful in this field. As for me, I think that graphic design as a field is on the rise and I feel that the more the internet and social media is used; the more graphic design would be on demand. As for technology and other applications, I feel that nothing can replace the creativity of a human-being. On the contrary, it can help us designers to reach even further heights if we know how to use it. 

09 March 2021
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