Vegetarianism Is Not A Healthier Choice

Simply ask people around, most people would think vegetarianism is healthier whether they are Vegetarians or not. It is obviously healthy to eat vegetables, but is it healthy when eating vegetables only? I believe the answer is a no.

Organism needs vitamins in small quantities for its metabolism. Most of them are not synthesized in sufficient quantities or cannot be synthesized in the organism at all, and therefore must be obtained through the diet. When talking about ingesting vitamins, fruits and vegetables always come first into most people’s minds. Are vitamins all from vegetables and fruits? Indeed they are the main source of vitamins on human’s table. However, to many people’s surprise, meat is the only food that provides vitamin B12 naturally and red meat is actually a very good source of several other B vitamins. Red meat is one of the few foods that contain vitamin D, moreover, ingredients of red meat protein could enhance the effect of vitamin D in our bodies, especially when it is limited exposure of sunshine (the main way we obtain vitamin D).

Protein is essential for development and growth, synthesis and repair of body parts. It also plays an role in the generating of hormones, antibodies and enzymes. For human beings, Is it actually better to use veggie protein than animal protein? However it can be difficult for vegetarians, to meet daily requirements for protein. How is that? Protein is made from 22 amino acids. Body can manufacture most of the amino acids from the diet. But 8 of the amino acids must be supplied by the diet which are called essential amino acids. Animal products contain all essential amino acids and are termed complete proteins. Plant foods contain protein but they do not contain all the essential amino acids so they are named incomplete proteins. Vegetarians have to combine different plant protein together for each day’s meals, so that all essential amino acids are obtained daily. It is difficult for regular people to consume variety of plant sources for proteins daily and failing to do so could lead to illness due to lacking of some essential amino acids.

Vegetarians are generally healthier in real world. But that is probably because vegetarians have a bigger amount of vegetables than most regular people do. Vegetables contain dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals which are good for human’s health. And I believe many people who choose to become a vegetarian is because they want to be healthier, so they generally pay more attention on a healthier lifestyle.

Eating vegetables is definitely good for health. But being a vegetarian to eat only vegetables is no better than being a normal eater. I believe having a balanced diet is the right way to do.

10 October 2020
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