Was American Imperialism Justified: Analysis of Consequences

The era of American imperialism, spanning the late 19th and early 20th centuries, witnessed the United States expanding its influence and acquiring overseas territories. This essay aims to explore the question of whether American imperialism was justified, analyzing three main consequences of American imperialism to gain a comprehensive understanding of the complex nature of American imperialism and its implications.

American Imperialism: Justification and Consequences

One example of the effects of imperialism is the Indian Soldiers rebel against the British East company because of greasing the rifle cartridges with pig and cow fat. In doc 1 it states, “ practice with the new Enfield rifle had just been introduced And The cartridges were greased for use in order not to foul the gun”. Also, “ the rumor spread among the sepoys that there was a trick played upon them,— that this was but a device to pollute them and and destroy their caste [because the cartridges were greased with pig and cow fat] and the first step toward a general and forcible conversation of the soldiers to Christianity”. In conclusion I chose these two pieces of evidence because it explained that in order for the sepoys to not win in the war their religious beliefs were done to destroy them. Everyone knew that in Hinduism cows are sacred, and in Islam pork is unclean that’s why they feared their castes. Also Great Britain fully colonized India so they knew this was a sensitive matter to them.

Second example of the effects of imperialism is the boxer rebellion because it officially supported the peasants uprising of 1900 that tried to drive all foreigners from China resulting in killings of foreigners plus Chinese Christians. In doc 2 it states, “... came back from Tungchoy from his vacation reporting that the state of affairs there and at Peking was growing worse that the local officials were powerless against the boxers and that the boxers armed with swords were constantly threatening Christians scattered in the country….”. Also “these stated that the foreign religions overthrew mortality and inflamed men to do evil so now Gods and men were stirred up against them in the heavens lesions have been sent to exterminate the foreign Devils”. In conclusion I chose these two pieces of evidence because it explains that they killed all those people based on their beliefs and what they thought was right but they were wrong these foreigners aren't harmful.

The final example of effects of imperialism is when Koreans declared independence from japan because how they were getting treated and how terrible it was when they were dependent on Japan. In doc 3 it states, “Victims of outdated notions of aggression and brute force we have now suffered for decades for the first time in our long history under foreign tyranny our rights of existence deprive our spiritual growth stunted our national pride and honor damage our opportunity to make our own creative contribution to the progress of world civilization lost”. Also, “In the aftermath Japanese government officials allow for greater Korean cultural and political expression though calls for outright political actions against colonial rule were still forbidden”. In conclusion this shows that if Koreans get independence can return to their regular lives, rebuild themselves, concentrate on their responsibility as a major player in east Asia, indispensable step towards the stability of East Asia, and contribute to the attainment of world peace.


In conclusion, effects for Imperialism cause many negative situations and events that took place such as killing, harsh treatment, and violation of people’s beliefs. It's significant because It had more negative effects in the modern world today than positive effects. Imperialism helped them secure these bases, giving the country more power to show the rest of the world they were strong and important. Nevertheless, American Imperialism was also able to promote nationalism.       

03 July 2023
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