Ways How To Help To Stop Suicides

Depression, sadness, hatred, hopelessness due to which nearly millions of individuals take their lives every year, a person is going through so much that they find it the only way to overcome their problems. Self harm seems the only way to them to get rid of suffering that’s increasing with time. A suicide has become the only way get free from the pain. People end their lives in need to stop their pain , they look for many ways to stop their pain, but unable to find one and make a stupid choice of ending their precious life.

Many people give signs and ask for help in many different ways to get rid of this situation but most of the time we take it lightly and doesn’t show much concern we should show concern, try to understand their problem, and help them to get rid of it.Many suicides can be stop at their initial stage if we concentrate on the signals and signs that suicidal people give to us because they just not wake up in the morning and decide to take their life, they have tried every possible way to solve it, to have help but we ignore them, recognize their intentions and signals and catch them before it too late that’s the best you could do stop suicides. If you get the intention or sign but still don’t know how to do and what to do ask for a help from someone that is mature enough to help you or try ask a doctor.

Self harm

Being intentionally in dangerous situation, harming yourself (physically) or not taking medication to fulfill needs of your body all comes if the forms of self harm Self-harm can be physically harming yourself to placing yourself in risky and dangerous situations or neglecting your own needs (not taking medication):

  • Suicide can be intention or not in self harming.
  • Depression, stess or other psychological disorder could also be the reason of self harm.

Addictive behavior

According to researcher it has been found that harming yourself is an addictive behavior, once you harm yourself to get of the situation or it feels good to you it becomes addiction and you literally wants to harm yourself every time you face the problem or feel depressed because you can’t find any alternative to have that same feel good .Identify self-harm or cutting triggers

Identify that why the person wants to their self like it could be depression, stress etc if they can’t ask them to work on it and let you know. Emotional awareness is a term that is used for knowing your feeling that what do you feel and why. Everyone has problems triggers but it doesn’t mean to response to it in such a way to kill yourself or self harm.

As I mentioned before that people won’t clearly ask for help but instead will show some signs that I need help. No one wants to die everyone want to live a life full of happiness and joy but circumstances lead to another way of road and they mistakenly choose the wrong choice. Don’t wait or hesitate to ask them if you find any sign because they literally are waiting for this and it can save their life that could be a friend, family or any individual.

Offer help and support:

  • Doing something is better than nothing if you can’t help atleast offer a listening ear to listen to them carefully, show some concern so they know that someone is there for them someone actually care about them.
  • Communicate with them. Try to stay in touch with them, text them, meet them so they get comfortable with you and share everything which have been holding back for a long time try not to ask too personal question they are not ready to answer or not comfortable to.
  • It a tough job knowing someone suicidal and helping them with all the condition s and being in the boundary. Helping them can make you disturbed so you need to take care of yourself too, if you are not feeling good you can’t help them properly too.
  • Be yourself. Make sure the person trust you for being there all the time when they need you, make them feel worthy, words don’t actually work all the time but action does.
  • Listening. As said before listen to them so they could tell you whatever they are holding back so could feel light and worthy that’s the best you could do.
  • Hope. Make sure the person that you are available for help and support and let them know or make them feel that they are important to you.
  • Positive lifestyle changes. Ask them for a proper diet a good sleep and exercising so they become strong physically and mentally so they deal with problems rather than hurting or running away.
  • Remove potential means of suicide Remove everything that could be use to harm yourself from place where they’re living and make sure they can’t reach it.

Professional treatment:

When you know that you can’t help them anymore ask help from someone that is expert or professional is dealing with such situations like asking help from therapist. He can use his own experience to stop them from hurting themselves.

Maybe it takes time to reach to the right therapist as every therapist can’t find the actual problem the therapist needs to accept your every word that he/she find true or not but surely at trying the right therapist will settle everything.

03 December 2019
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