What Does It Mean to be American

The United States has one of the largest foreign born population. That’s not due to the amount of power that America has, or the GPD. People from all around the world come to the United States for the promise of a better life not just for them but for their family. Others come with the highest aspirations and goals to be achieved. You can say that these foreigners are just trying to perspire in their lives. Although that is true it can also be called the American dream. These people are truly what America stands for. In what does it mean to be American essay there is an attempt to depict trully American values. 

So what does it mean to be American? Does a piece of paper dictate your ethnicity is that pieces of paper dictating if you American?Some might say that piece of paper gives you more right, more liberty, more freedom.I say that paper is just that an old document that does not define you, a person is not restricted by their country of birth no matter what the country. Being American is more than just being born in america although that what most of us associate “Ameriacan” with, it about having pride in the place you call home.

The amount of wealth that a person has, doesn't make them have more or less pride in being a United States citizen.John McCain wrote about Mike Christian and how he came from nothing “He didn't wear shoes until he was 13 years old” and how he still became a U.S Navy commission in “Never Forget Their Duty”.Mike Christian got beat for sowing a american flag into his t-shirt and saying the Pledge of Allegiance even after he got caught and they took the flag from him, he still made a new flag know that he could get punished. The Pledge of Allegiance may have felt like tedious task that you would do in grade school but it's so much more than that the Pledge of Allegiance is a symbol of freedom.

I'm not saying that its as easy to leave your pass and just become American.There is many struggles for immigrants to reestablish the lives in the U.S. have many challenges to face such language and the basic way of life.During the last 10 years the United States Citizenship has welcomed more than seven million naturalized citizens.Deciding be a American citizen can be a very important milestone in a person's life.

America is not perfect it has had many flats in it past and even know.The only way that we can change as a country is too admit that, Some people didn't have the choice to be in America such as African-American and many other people have definitely struggled and impact the U.S.The American dream can mean very different to people.

To conclude what does it mean to be an American essay, the United States of America has a large immigration population because of the thought of prosperity. There is no true American dream it changes for everyone in their circumstances but there is hope we’re change and meeting your goal to better yourself as a person not just as an ”American”. The idea of being American is not just in the legal documents but it’s inside Of those to come to America seeking of those to come to America seeking an asylum, change, overall goals together themselves and their families. That is what a true American is.

08 December 2022
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