What is an American: the Depiction of a Western Human

This is what is an American essay that describe the history line that has an impact on what is called an American person nowadays. So what it look like to be an American? The question being asked today seems simple, but when you look into it, it proves to be more complicated. One might say it's about being born in America, others might say it's just about having a citizenship or calling it home. I'm going to talk about a deeper meaning.

I think that America and being American is about being free, having natural human rights with no one trying to take them away. I say being american is being able to do whatever you want to do, say whatever you want to say, think whatever you want to think with no one stopping you or telling you otherwise. If I think that starting a hat store is what I want to do then I should be able to start my store and prosper from it without anyone making it so I can't. I think american is about where you come from too. If you come from a background of mexican heritage or asian or europeon you should be able to come to America and have a chance to start new.

America was built on the want of freedom from the throne. To be an American is having this freedom. Wars were fought for freedom, riots were formed for freedom, lives were given for freedom. America was made into a safe haven for people of all kinds. Life.Liberty.Pursuit of Happyness. These were the thinks that America was based off of and the things all Americans have. If a man wanted to buy a candy for his child he can, if a child wanted to play with his friends, they could, no matter the race, gender or thought of mind. America is about being diverse in who you are.

In 1776 America was made, from the colonist from england to its own country. In the 1900s people from all around came to America for a better new start. Filled with hope from the stories of this better land that they can bring their families too so they could have a better life. Millions of people came through the New York harbor. The sight of Lady Liberty was a sign that they are now in America. The knew it was the start of a new life, new opportunities, freedom for them and their families. Millions of immigrants made this country what it is, with shops, restaurants and inventions. Many even fought for America, for there freedom. In WWII 300,000 immigrants fought for America, most doing it for the right to be called an American.

So what does it mean to be American? Is it our long working hours till retirement. Or, our common hatred in paying income taxes. Or is it our stunning ability to sue everyone for everything. Or having American stores that offer so many choices like wheat bread ,white bread, English Muffins, Banana bread, Italian bread, and French Bread. It’s more than just that. It’s our love and pride for our country. Our freedom to wave our flags out on the walls of the public. The ability to speak as you please, to have the freedom of choice, to get goosebumps when your national hymn is being heard through the TV, Radio or Internet. Being American is defending the innocent, feeding the intellect, accepting the challenge of becoming better for yourself, your community, your town and your country. It’s living in an economy and having a government where we make our own decisions and bear the consequences for them. Like investing in risky stocks,or getting caught speeding on a yellow light. All humans can bear those consequences. Being American means to accept everyone’s style and personality. To embrace our unique individual differences in who we want to be as a person. And to value the democracy that we live in because it really only exists when we work together in a system where everyone has a place at the table, a voice in the conversation, and a say in the outcome. These are some American values that are developed through personal American experiences.  

To conclude, being an American is to have freedom, no matter who you are. Its being able to start your own store, walk down any street, think and say whatever you want. Being able to have basic human rights so matter your skin color or background. 

08 December 2022
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