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What Makes An Event Organiser Effective

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This report is about what makes an event organiser effective. The role of an event organiser was heavily explored and researched. It will cover what the numerous tasks event organisers have to go through and the skills which are essential for them to be successful.

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An event organiser has many different roles in the structure and success of an event. There are many tasks that have to be set up in order for the event to be a success and this is all in the mind of the event organiser.

Different tasks needed to be completed by an event Organiser

An Event Organiser is responsible for the scheme of an event to be carried out from start to finish and to make sure everything runs according to plan and smoothly. In this case an event’s organiser must have a great and collective range of skills.


An event organiser must be great to detail when it comes to having to picking a venue for a certain event. According to the event it must be suitable in size, reasonable and to the client’s needs, for example if the clients demand a hall for a wedding reception so for the reception a hall will be needed. Certain types of events such as press conferences, shareholder meetings, board meetings, and other formal affairs will require a different type of space than more casual gatherings like theme parties and networking sessions. They will require a more secluded place in comparison to a wedding or a birthday party to discuss private matters. The Venue is one of the most important tasks given to the event organiser as it’s where the event will be placed and addressed. This is very important as it helps to keep the client comfortable and happy whereas if u didn’t keep the client comfortable and happy u could be seriously sewed. The venue can include places such as a parking space and this will be very convenient as to how big it should be to the amount of people attending and the age of the clients as some may not be able to drive. The venue must also be open to wheelchair access as it enables a disability free access to the venue.


Location is extremely important to the client to ensure their safety for entering in and out of the event and for their guest. The area of the place must be convenient to the client and the type of event such as for a teenager’s birthday party, it must be in a place of very easy access to be able to go to via transport. As whereas if it was a wedding a more upmarket area would be needed to required.


Catering can be organised in different ways as to from outside catering or actually to be provided by the actual events organiser. It is imperative that the guidelines from the Food Standards Agency are ensured and respected to make sure it’s safe to eat. The catering, must suit the audience for example if it’s a kids birthday party, you would want to provide snacks before eating and maybe toys with the meals given and a great idea would be child-friendly cutlery and maybe servers to be dressed in costumes and the cutlery to be Spiderman printed for example.

Planning and reserving facilities

Careful planning is always required for the event but as well as the event, careful planning is needed for hat other factors that may ruin the day and stop people from participating and this could be due to traffic, weather and other events on even the same day. This is why the organiser should be able to be flexible, when it comes to these issues that are irritating the event and try to work around these problems such as to be able to maybe provide a sort of gazelle roofing to maybe and event of a wedding that may be on a field outside and it’s raining. The organiser must see these things before and inform the client.

Moreover first aid, toilets, baby changing, car parking, power and stewarding to control large amount of people are needed and should be considered by an event organiser. Regardless if the event is outdoor of indoor free Wi-Fi is convenient to help customers for maybe a festival, to stay longer and attract more customers. In addition indoors and especially outdoors toilet access is imperative for any sort of event especially in a festival porta potties are suitable.

Setting up the Programme

Setting up the programme is a sort of guide to give the people attending and idea of what is to happen at an event and this will give the persons attention to what will interest the at the event this will affect attendance and attention at the event. For example if the event includes of performances from a singer, or a group activity, any special guests, prizes, speeches etc.

Preparing Documents

Documents are needed for an event and can be shared before, after or during. It’s usually sent by email or uploaded on a website. Background of the event, the agenda/schedule, travel arrangements, accommodation and the risk assessment.ContractsContractual agreements are crucial as it puts a legal agreement between the two. The client and the organiser. The Contract must include things such as Scope of services, Cancellation terms, Payment schedule, Indemnification clause, Termination clause. Moreover, The Supply of Goods & Services Acts 1982 outlines that part of a contract; an event organiser has to protect suppliers and customers from faulty equipment.

Legal Requirements for Event Organising

In General, legal requirements are very crucial as without them, an event cannot be started. Furthermore, by having legal requirements it will allow the customers to feel safe and not worry about any dodgy factors. Therefore, they will be comfortable during the event. If legal requirements were not followed, the event organiser would be sued.

Also if someone was to get injured, or die, the consequences would be severe for the organiser, leading to a criminal record.

Health & Safety

The Health & Safety Executive is run by the UK government and it’s responsible for providing health and safety at work legislation. The health and safety at Work act 1974, and subsequent updates and regulations states that everyone has responsibility for their own health and safety and has a duty of care for others.Authorities must be called to ensure health and safety requirements. This will include authorities such as:

  • Police, fire, ambulance
  • Environmental health/food standards agency
  • Highways
  • Local authority licensing teamIf anything goes wrong at the event, as in resulting in injuries or even deaths there could be serious consequences for the organiser under criminal law.

Venues must have public liability insurance which covers you for the cost of a claim made by a member of the public that has suffered injury or property damage as a result of your business.


Contracts can be agreed either verbally or in writing. It is essential that with every supply that is being used, there is a contractual agreement. The Supply of Goods & Acts 1982 states that the organiser will be protected if there are any problems with the supplier and vice versa. The Act also protects consumers from faulty equipment.In addition, there is the act that the event organiser where the event organiser has to look after the customers. Many things can be discussed in the contract including:

  • Venue
  • Catering
  • Advertising
  • Insurance.

This can also conclude in other companies being involved into a separate agreement that can be from outside suppliers.

Age restrictions

All organised events need to meet age requirements for example at a music event or festival all people attending us e 18 or over if alcohol is being served there especially. The methods of security will need to be sorted out by the event’s organisers. There are strict rules about selling raffle or lottery tickets to, or young people under the age of 18.


For many events a license is needed. The licence states the right to hold the event and may need to be issued by the council, or it may be for the purposes of entertainment. For certain events it is necessary to close or block a road for a period and amount of time and for this to happen and will need licence from the highway agency.

Consumer Protection

The consumer rights act 2015 provides protection for event organisers, suppliers and customers. Change the act brought where of:

  • digital content such as apps, e-book and movies
  • additional protection for faulty goods
  • additional protection for unfair terms such as hidden charges or fees.

Clients can take organisers to court as this may be very expensive Alternative Protection Resolution maybe be used instead. ADR will be used to negotiate the two parties.

Skills needed to be an effective event organizer


Organisation is that all the salient points to the event are addressed properly and are able to follow procedures and to be able prioritise all comes under organisation and this is very much well needed to be an effective organiser. It will be needed to make sure that every task is carried out systematically.

Problem solving

Problem solving is a very useful skill to have and will be good for an organiser to think on their feet. Problem solving will require improvisation and this is good for an event organiser as it helps them to deal with problem on the day and help the day to go accordingly.

Time management

Timing is everything at an event, In a wedding for example: You will need to know when the guest are coming, when the food is going to be served and when the couple will even get married. Time management falls heavily with organisation and this will help with prioritising things and planning each day and getting rid of distractions.


Event organisers must be able to negotiate properly to ensure the best of the event at the right budget for example. Negotiations can determine the outcome of the event. There are many skills included for negotiation:

  • Effective verbal communication
  • Listening
  • Reducing misunderstandings is a key part of effective negotiation
  • Problem Solving
  • Decision Making
  • Assertiveness
  • Dealing with Difficult Situations.
03 December 2019

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