Who Killed Reconstruction

After the Civil War, there was a tremendous effort to transform the Southern states and their society. The North wanted to integrate blacks into society as quickly as possible. The South, however, was not as eager. In fact, the South wanted an end to all Reconstruction effort. During this twelve year period, many sought to mend bonds between union and former confederates but also address the problem of slavery and the effects of allowing them freedom rights. The South killed Reconstruction because of their lack of interest in equal rights, their violence towards the North and blacks, and the North’s growing absence of sympathy towards blacks.

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During the time after civil war, the south resisted change. They did this because they wanted to keep white government and because they didn’t want freedmen,former slaves, to have power. Secret societies were formed to complete this and other agendas, on of the most infamous being KU KLUX KLAN, also know as the KKK. This group went to extreme measures to accomplish their goal. The KKK killed and mutilated many people to complete their goal. Also, a graphic, published in the Harper’s Weekly journal, depicts an African American at gunpoint from two white men in front of a voting box. It shows how the African Americans were sometimes threatened to vote for the people that white men wanted in office. No one was there to stop this treatment towards African Americans. No one was there to protect them and their rights because the north ignored the unjust behavior in the south.

After the war, the north attempted to continuous reconstruction, but through the time and distractions, they lost their focus on their principal goal They ignored the injustices in the south because of their crisis in that time. People in the north ignored and ended up not caring about the problems in the south. During this time, many northern voters shifted their attention to such national concern as the panic of 1873. As more problems occurred, Northerners pushed back the original problem in the south. The North ignored the south and everyone getting hurt there.

The Time of reconstruction was killed by the north and south. Northerners neglected to realize issues in the south and southerners resisted changes I believed that the south was the one wit the metaphorical and literal blood on their hands. Many people were ‘Foully murdered by the KKK and other secret groups with horrible agendas. The crime of killing reconstruction occurred because of both the north and south, but the south was the one who drove the final blow The causes of reconstruction ending are still important to study today because we as a society learn from our mistakes, and while you do not know now, you may play an important role in government or leadership where the lessons learned about that period may help to avoid the mistakes of the past. Remember, those who do not learn from their mistakes are doomed to repeat them.

07 September 2020

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