Why Monarchies Should Be Abolished

Palaces, travel, luxury, fame, outdated, undemocratic and elitist are all words that could be used to describe the monarchy. This never ending debate has been discussed globally and resulted in strong opinions. Many being that monarchies are old fashioned, promote social division and should be abolished.

The amount of costs it takes to fund the entire royal family, their travels, pleasure and luxury is absurd. According to a rapport made by the republican association the royal family is far more expensive than it otherwise is presented. In reality the royal family’s bill rounds up to 1.1 billion kroners per year. With 1.1 billion kroners 2 500 nurses or policemen could be hired. The fact that the state chooses to put such an unreasonable amount of money on royalties and luxury when there are clear deficiencies in our welfare and schools is more than debatable.

Most people that are supportive of the royal family see them as symbols and representatives for Sweden who unite the country regardless of your political opinions. However there are countless people and things that without it being their official job represent and unite Sweden. For example the Swedish soccer and hockey or any other athletics team or the Swedish representative in Eurovision. I personally feel that Sweden is more united when a sports team or Swedish artist is succeeding than when the Swedish king attends a ball or charity event. And I would personally rather be represented by these Swedish figures than a family that was given this platform and responsibility because of the family they have instead of the ability they have.

Besides the fact that it is wrong that we cannot chose our head of state it is also wrong that our head of state is basically forced into a career and role that they did not chose themselves. We often forget that although being a part of the royal family comes with luxury and fame it also comes with a great deal of pressure from a young age. Without being given the option and choice Estelle, the future queen of Sweden has been on the cover of magazines and the subject of articles and debates ever since she was born. The media has and will always judge and gossip about her and her family which she nor her family should be expected to deal with for the sake of “representing” or “uniting” Sweden. Argument 4Most people claim to believe in democracy, we value our freedoms, rights and equality. So why is it that in a modern and democratic society we still allow unfair and elitist institutions such as a monarchy to still be in place? A system where one family breeds the future king or queen goes against basic democratic principles and common sense. So not only is it an undemocratic system but it also promotes social division and the idea that some are more valuable and capable than others. For example the Queen of England cannot be charged with a crime, she is not required to pay taxes and she has a huge platform where she can raise awareness to charity’s and fundraisers which are important to her. The royal family has privileges, possibilities and titles that no “average” citizen can accomplish because we live in a country where we cannot elect our head of state. No one’s future should be limited or dictated simply because of birth.


Today’s democratic ideologies do not support the prehistoric institution that is represented by the royal family.

It is both undemocratic, meaningless and expensive and should be abolished, our society needs and is ready for a change, a society where we respect the equal value of all people, without exceptions. If we really believe in democracy and its values there is no place for the monarchy.

03 December 2019
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