World Hunger Should Not Be A Problem

World Hunger is a huge problem around the world that could be fixed. Around the world we have 815 million deaths a year, it is also 45% of all childhood deaths . Also, you'll need to know what other things people go through if they are going through hunger because they are probably going through more too.

Without food, your body goes through undernourishment. Undernourishment is not eating enough food to meet your body's requirements. Undernourishment can cause many things to your body. Somethings that can happen are child stunting, child mortality, and child wasting. Child stunting is when your body goes through undernourishment and cannot receive enough nutrients, so your height/body is low for your age. Child mortality is when a child dies before the age of 5 because of hunger/undernourishment. Also, undernourishment can cause child wasting, child wasting is when a child's weight is low for there age from undernourishment. “In 2015, 1.5 million kids under 5 were estimated to be stunted because of undernourishment”.

Where does hunger take place, hunger takes place around the world almost everywhere. But where hunger takes place mostly in Africa and Asia. Almost half of the stunted children live in Africa. Also, ⅔ of wasted children live in Asia and ¼ in Africa, however in low money counties hunger is growing rapidly“World Hunger Key…”. Action against hunger is one of the main reasons to help stop hunger in Africa and Asia. This organization has helped reduce hunger by providing food to people who need it, and getting out to countries in need.“World Hunger, Poverty…” You help hunger locally by donating to food shelters near you. About 5.9 million kids die before the age of 5 because of hunger that's 11 kids a minute“World Hunger Facts”.

If people are going through hunger/undernourishment they are also probably affected by other things like war, weather, low-quality water, bad hygiene, or other things. War affects the people in the area, it can push them out of their homes forcing them to leave their home and leave everything behind. This can cause them to have to leave and then having nothing forcing them to go through hunger. Weather can also affect people that go through hunger. Weather can destroy their homes leaving them with no home, money, water, or food. Also if you go through hunger then most likely they cannot afford food, water, basic hygiene, shelter, basic needs, and more.

World hunger should not be a problem. There is more than enough food produced around the world to feed everyone“World Hunger, Poverty…”. Agriculture is one of the main sources to stop world hunger. It already provides many small countries with food, and without it, the countries would be out of commission“World Hunger Facts”. Almost 2.3 billion tonnes are wasted in food a year from rich countries like the U.S. Ways you could stop world hunger is by providing food to your community or donating food to a food shelter.

In conclusion, everyone should help world hunger by stopping it at its source. You can help in your community by donating extra canned food you never eat or make food and give it out like the sandwich man in Minneapolis. World Hunger should not be a problem and everyone should help stop it one step at a time. 

16 August 2021
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