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Writing Issues: Causes And Strategies To Cope

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If you find that people struggle from the correct the word, refuses to write, mix up letter, or has poor spelling and punctuation, then he might have one of the most common issues: writing issues. There are many factors which can cause writing issues in children, but there are three most popular cause of writing issues. These factors are dyslexia, dysgraphia, and dyspraxia. Dysgraphia is the writing disability in spelling, handwriting, drawing, and tracing. Children with this issue will write letters stick up together or far away and hard to find the spacing of the sentence and words. It also make the words become deformation and hard to visualize on the paper. Children will write cursive, and mixed up uppercase and lowercase letters. Second is dyslexia, this issue will causes children have difficulties in reading and both influence the writing. Children with dyslexia make writing a challenge because they have difficulties in recognizing or associate with the actual meaning with the written words. They are also often linked with poor spelling and slow handwriting.

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Lastly, dyspraxia causes problem with movement, including the physical act of printing and writing. Kids with dyspraxia often have trouble planning and completing tasks that involve motor skills. They may also struggle with basic tasks such as brushing teeth or playing music instrument. Writing is so difficult for some children no matter how hard they try. This game gave me some sense of what is writing issues feels like. It just like the hand won’t write that my brain telling me to write. It was frustrating and confusing when my typing is not exactly what I did, and I need to continue backward to previous word to fix my mistakes. Even though I knew what to write, but I just can’t get it up correctly. I can’t imagine how the students in school must deal writing issues every day, students might scold or misunderstand by their teachers or parents because of their wrong word or slow hand-writing.

Although people with writing issues will have difficulties in writing, but there are some strategies to cope with writing issues even at home. First, parents can observe their children writing behavior when they started to write in their patterns and find out the problem. Second, you can promote their skill of keyboarding because as typing sometimes may easier than writing. Lastly, parents can encourage children practice writing in environment such at home or other comfortable environment. Low pressure request is another strategy in this issue, children can write down short journal or messages even they just a few sentences a day, but never try to rush them in this process. But be cautious that children with writing issues may have more than one cause. Gather more knowledge, information and strategies can help you distinguish the problem by take appropriate steps to solve your issues.

01 April 2020

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