Personal Narrative Essays Examples

Dealing with personal narrative essays, the majority of college students find it extremely challenging to narrow things down and focus on what they have to write because it’s one thing to tell a story and quite a different issue when you have to follow a prompt and provide a clear structure based on a grading rubric. For example, there are personal narrative essays that may talk about the American Dream or dealing with domestic abuse challenges. No matter what you may be writing, the most difficult is to provide your readers with a storyline and an important point.  ...

Personal Narrative Essay Structure 

Taking a look at the personal narrative examples, you have to provide your readers with a clear structure and unique writing where you do not copy anything but research and analyze things the best way you can. A typical narrative essay should contain: 

– An introduction with a hook sentence to keep your readers inspired. 

– A strong thesis or an assumption that you make to keep your narration focused. 

– The storyline that explains your objectives or the challenges that you have faced. 

– The solution and the decision paragraph that is based on what has been happening next. 

– The conclusion paragraph where you sum things up and talk about the culmination and the things that have been learned. 


– You have a hook sentence in the introduction.

Your readers must be able to tell what your personal narration is about. Keep them inspired and provide something that will keep things motivating.

Your thesis statement makes an assumption or tells of a something inspiring without giving too much information out just yet.

The thesis part can be a bit tricky, which is why it can be an assumption or your belief that you would like to explore in your personal writing.

You explain what challenges you have been facing and what objectives have been set by the situation.

Talk about some event in your life and explain what difficulties had to be dealt with and let your writers know about the possible choices.

There is a culimination and a solution that has been used.

Since you should use a narrative tone, keep the storyline part active and let your readers reach the solution part.

The final paragraph with an explanation of what you have done and how it has changed your life. It should also sum things up a little bit.

Explain your point of view and offer some justification of your decision. It should bring things to the solution and have an emotional release.

The main moral lesson for your readers that you would like to share.

It can be a helpful quote or a call to action.

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