MBA Program: Opportunity to Apply Knowledge and Skills in Life

This program will give you the opportunity to constantly challenge and push yourself in order to continuously improve. Problem-solving is one of the most important attributes that you will learn through this program. You will get a better overview of the business world and a deeper understanding of the changes that occur in the business environment.

This report focuses on the importance of MBA course and the experiences that gained from the course and the importance of Leadership qualities for the placement.


The most valuable aspect of the MBA, is to make sure you capitalize on the opportunities in and out of the classroom during your MBA studies . The journey to university is with the hope of amazing career prospects that I would gain when I complete the degree. As per the trends of recent years the postgraduate job market has definitely become increasingly fierce, and standing out amongst all the other recent graduates is tough. The aim of this report is to reflect the value of the MBA course by analyzing the skills, knowledge and experiences gained to date from the course. This report asses the leadership qualities which are required for a placement organization. Comparing to all other postgraduate courses, Master of Business Administration with placement is a special as the placements is definitely giving an opportunity in the real life to apply skills and knowledge gained from the course and experiences .

The MBA course

The course was all about the workings in an organisation , how employees should be treated , how the work should be divided and moreover understanding about the different levels of management in an organisation. The structure of an organisation is based on power and authority , flow of information , roles in an organisation. With the understanding from the course and case studies the soft HRM and hard HRM approaches used in companies are made familiar. The unitary approach and the pluralist approach used in organisations and their applications based on the strategies of the firms varies. The employee employer relation is different firm to firm. In some firms employees opinions are also considered and valued where as in some approaches employees are forced to work as per the demands of the organisations. This firms aims at their success only and not the development and improvement in the productivity of the employees.

Wider experiences gained from the course

According to fayol he believed that “ all undertakings needed planning , organising , command , coordination ,control “ for an organisation to work properly. There should be unity among employees , effective reward system should be there and also innovations and ideas from employees should be welcomed and appreciated. The organisation should be able to understand workers needs also they should be provided incentives , insurance , travel allowances , paid leaves etc. Google is a good example of how employee should be taken care as they give their employees paid leaves on the birth of new child which creates in return a mind in workers to work harder and create better results. The success of an organisation can be marked when employees work together and feels as sense of belonginess to the organisation .

Leadership qualities required for the placement

The study of importance of hiring employees helped me realise how essential it is to recruit employees that are best fit for the firm. Not only recruitment their training and development is also equally important. The employee development training programs helps in better productivity and quality. Now the market is globalised and each day new changes arises in technology. So employee training is vital for the smooth functioning. In the present scenario the trade laws are also equally important as organisational laws ; the human rights act , labour laws , minimum wages act etc. Recruitment and selection is also important to find out the best fit in the organisation. An example of technique used in employee selection is peer review which is to compare the results with the work done by existing employees or comparing the work between two employees of the same department. Job analysis is also important for both the applicant and the recruiter what the job demands , the key aspects of the job , the knowledge requirements , experience and training etc. . Selection or the decision stage come to final process of choosing the best out of all prospective candidates. Training and development is the next stage to get the maximum possible outcome. Development is the improvement of the ability already a person has and making them realise how effectively they can utilise their ability.

Another important aspect is leadership which can be said as transactional and transformational. I was aware of the importance of leadership but the types of leadership was introduced by this module classes. The benefit of transformational leadership is the high level of motivation in employees and also increased amount of trust on organisation. The transactional leadership aims in developing an environment which is mutually benefited. A leader should be a good employee only then he would understand the feelings workers under him. “ To handle yourself , use your head , to handle others use your heart “ says Eleanor Roosevelt. Leaders are the best mentors and spoilers , they set the example of how a worker should be and most importantly how a work should be analysed. The example of case studies showed how a leader should not react to the problems of an employee and the consequences of the negligence of employee complaints.


I would like toconclude with the note that I have been given maximum possible guidance on management and has definitely increased my knowledge and understanding on the subject. This writing is an example of how much I have been influenced with the sessions as I haven’t used much references, the things I remembered and my analysis are mentioned here. The case studies has definitely helped me a lot as each topic come to our mind with the help of the case study associated. My aspiration to be of global business world has been definitely given a good start and the contributions from this course is definitely remarkable. The effort tutors has put in to give us a clear understanding is remarkable. The hope that I would be a good manager keeping in mind all the examples and failures each managers of our case studies has made is the last thing that comes to my mind when I’m done with my sessions .Finally, it can be concluded that Master of Business Administration with placement is a course which gives confidence to the student in every aspect including team work, strategic decision making, leadership, research skills etc. 

07 July 2022
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