Satire Essays Examples

Before you come to certain conclusions regarding satire and related academic tasks, make sure that you check some satirical writing examples to see what kind of writing it must represent. In simple terms, you are using satire to discuss some subject or to make some kind-hearted fun at the ways how people live. For example, we have the famous Orwell’s novel where the animal farm and the animals are presented as the allegory to discuss and criticize the modern society. It has a political constituent to it. Of course, you may talk about the fashion bloggers in a fun way or talk about how people tend to buy iPhones only because they are in the trend and talk about the cultural belonging and the wealth of the owner.  ...

Satirical Essay Structure 

It will always depend on the subject that you are planning to choose, yet satire essays must start with the topic choice where the problem is explained in brief terms and the literary devices are being used with a possible exaggaration. The structure of an essay will be as follows: 

– An introduction with a brief explanation of some issue. 

– Thesis statement where you make a certain point. 

– Three to five examples of the satire where you talk about the ideas that you criticize. 

– The moral lesson with an explanation. 


– You have chosen an inspiring topic that can be used for satirical purpose.

You can choose politics or the usual issues like being greedy, the envy, the fear of getting caught for plagiarism, being untidy, and so on.

Your writing does not make fun over satirical issues that are overly sensitive or can offend/hurt some people. Consult your academic advisor before you choose a topic.

Avoid issues like phobias, religion, learning difficulties, being too short or too tall. All the sensitive issues must be avoided because satire is often hurtful.

You provide numerous examples in the real life and use literary devices to make things more interesting.

Provide more than one example and use metaphors, allegories, exagerrations, and descriptive writing.

Your conclusion part provides a moral lesson where you explain some bits in simpler terms.

Talk about the moral lesson and keep things accessible for everyone.

You are making a stand on the position and provide a moral lesson about it

You should also take a stand all through the paper and explain your examples and the use of satire.

There are recommendations and examples regarding what is right, how things must be, and why.

If you still have some space, do not forget to explain why something is being discussed and why an issue takes place in our society. Keep your tone kind and explanatory.

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