A Bachelor’s Degree In Computer Science – My Step On The Path To Become A Data Analyst

Computer Science is one of the fastest career fields in modern history for the fact the computers and technology are evolving every year and so forth. Technology is all around us and we can’t imagine seeing ourselves without it or there will be several consequences after us. Imagine a store without a computer desktop that would scan items and you had to look at the prices of the items by paper and count the money by hand. That would cause a huge chaos since you can make mistakes and cause people to frustrate and leave the line. This was one example as to why technology is so important and how being a computer science person can really benefit you in many ways.

For me Computer Science means everything from coding to fixing devices and installing new software’s to computers or laptops that can be very useful for several duties. Since I was little I would always play video games and record the footage of the gameplay and edit them with a software known as Cinema 4D and Photoshop. I always wanted to edit my gameplay and show it to my friends where they would see slow-motion action in the videos. I would spent hours in the computers trying to do my own things and that’s how Computer Science got to me. Now that I am in a university my goal is to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and pursue a job that is related to my career. Some facts about Computer Science is that it requires good math skills, lots of patience and good knowledge. Everyone starts from scratch and climbs up the ladder to become a successful programmer. Now in Computer Science everyone can make mistakes when coding several programs and that’s totally fine since we then have to try to find a solution and fix them. One of the programs that I personally use the most is Eclipse and what it does it helps you write down the code and test it.

A language that I would use a lot when coding is C++ and it is a very hard language once you go further and further down the language, but there’s no worries as soon or later we can learn it by practicing a lot. There is not only one language for programming, but several of them that are being used differently for different things. Here are some of the programs that I know of, but are not all for example: Java, C++, Ruby, DrRacket, Assembly language. This are just a few of them out of many out there and they are pretty awesome to learn. Big companies like Google or Amazon would require for you to learn C++ or Java, and maybe even other languages. The thing is that different languages are being used in many different places, it just depends on the company and what they are looking for.

In computer Science salaries are very well paid and the jobs are increasing since they are on demand. Some jobs like Senior software engineer can pay up to $118, 000 a year while others like software developer at $70, 000 and software engineer at $81, 100 pay very good as well. The more you know about computers the more you will eventually learn more and find a jobs that is very good paying.

One of my goals after I graduate from my university is to find a job that deals with Data analyst. Data analyst is a process of inspecting, cleansing, transforming, and modeling data with the goal of discovering useful information, informing conclusions, and supporting decision-making. It is a very cool and calm place to work for plus the salary is excellent for new people going in for first time. My dream at the moment is for me to graduate from the university and get my bachelor’s degree in Computer Science then find a job like Data analyst and then be recognized for how well I do.

15 July 2020
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