A Contribution Of Rosa Parks Into American History

You wake up day by day just getting ready and going to school. You sit with all of your friends on the bus regardless of their color. You go to the same school and classes as them. You use the same bathroom too! But, life hadn’t always been this way. One woman, one brave soul changed the course of America today.

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Rosa Parks had reciprocated the way that people live in a different action. On December 1st, 1955 it had been a normal day in Montgomery, Alabama; blacks had drunken from the other water fountain, sat in the back of the bus, and used that other restroom. On that day, Rosa Parks, an African American, had gone to the bus stop like every other day. Rosa had a long day from being a Secretary and just wanted to go home and relax for the night. Rosa had gotten on the bus and sat in a seat that is further toward the front because she was tired and did not want walk to the back. Another person had gotten on the bus, a white male; he wanted to sit in the seat Rosa was sitting in because the bus was full and Rosa was black. Rosa refused to move and, not had intended to but, had got sent to jail and while, later been released.

Rosa stood up for what she wanted. She thought that why does it matter if a person with the same knowledge or skills but, a different color, have to be separated or segregated. What does it matter if she were to be black or white with, the same brains and personality? Everyone is the same in the inside; it is what is on the outside that people judge. After this event, the black society had wondered, why did it matter who you were with? Why did someone make the choice saying that not all people could be together, neglecting the Declaration of Independence stating that all men are created equal?

Four days after this event had happened; a group of African Americans had started a boycott. The group made up more than 65% of the bus riders and spent the next 381 days walking, and not using the bus. Doing this, the group tried to abridge all segregation laws. This massive movement marked one of the largest and uttermost notable challenges of segregation and sparked the Civil Rights Movement. The boycott later ended on November 13, 1956, after the United States Supreme Court upheld a lower court stating that the bus service in Montgomery, Alabama was illegitimate.

Rosa Parks did not just change the way she lived but also the course of America to this day. So just remember that the next time you get on that bus, use that fountain, or go to that bathroom it was a lot different 70 years ago. It would not be the same without the help of one of the greatest influences on America today, Rosa Parks.

10 September 2019

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